Tough times … but then you get this beautiful message …

I have managed to keep it together today but there was a moment this morning where my son managed to reduce me to tears sitting in the car because he didn’t want to do his spellings … we did them but it was a test in patience on my part and being gentle with him.

Why am I feeling so all over the place – or so “discombobulated”!  Yes that’s the word … frustration at life; challenges that I know I need to keep me balanced and grounded; a week being a “single” parent … not sure how anyone manages it full time … my hat is off to you as I did it but there were a few days where we were a little tight on the school run!  Classes are buoyant but I have had to make a horrible decision to stop my classes at a beautiful yoga studio which has such an amazing energy all because I don’t have sufficient numbers for those classes and mums are dropping off naturally with their babies as they become more active.  It was a challenging week … but then ….

I found a new treat … homemade using freshly brewed coffee, hot milk or cold (depending on a warm of chilled drink), cream and butterscotch topping … to die for ..1616549_10202936063780841_1933355769_n

If I start to look like the Michelin man please say as I worked so hard to lose the 8 stone, I don’t want to put it back on!  But I think that every now and again won’t hurt.  So with said coffee in hand I sat and started to message a client and those flood gates I was trying desperately to hold back were opened when they sent me this …

what you do is different to everyone else, you are not just my yoga teacher, you have come into our lives and touched it! Most pregnancy yoga teachers don’t buy gifts for mummy’s and daddy’s and you do sooo much for us all! Do you know ripple effect has just felt for me like a big family that would be there forever… You created that

Thank you for reminding me to pause, have a good cry! (always does us the world of good) and think about why Ripple Effect Yoga exists; where it has come from; what was the inspiration behind it; why it works so well.
Thank you to you all for wanting to experience an empowered birth; for choosing to support one another and be there in the happy moments and those moments that are tough and challenging.  It’s not just a business (I smile when I write that) because I see everyone as part of a “family” one where we don’t have to see each other every week but can meet up for meals, picnics in the park, Christmas parties, Empowering Birth evenings, our little ones birthdays, our birthdays or just a good old chin wag over a cuppa and cake during the week when the fancy takes us.  That is what this wonderful community have created.

We can laugh, cry, be happy, be sad and know that those surrounding us will be there to support us and have a shoulder to rest on or cry on, what ever our needs may be at that moment.  Where else would we get that type of support?  Who else would understand us (apart from our partners & close family/friends) and isn’t it good to know you can wake up at varying intervals night and day and that there will be someone around that you can text, call, Facebook message, post on the Facebook page or your own and that within a few seconds/minutes or maybe a few hours there will be a whole host of supportive comments to buoy you up in your time of need.

So thank you my lovely client for reminding me why I love teaching and why you are all so important … I am off to spend time in my sacred space and to focus just for a little while on “me” the woman, not the mother or the wife, just good old me, Claire … I am going to delve into the layers and try to find her … perhaps the time has come for you too?

In love and support

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