Postpartum Services

Mummy Postnatal Reconnection Yoga

Postnatal Reconnection

Suitable for mummies.   This is a mummies only appointment …babies are welcome to come along with you.

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Postnatal reconnection appointments.
Ideally 3-4 weeks after a vaginal birth or 6 weeks after a c-section birth.
This session is to reconnect to your abdominal space, your pelvic floor, to identify if there are any areas that need to be released or realigned and then gently starting to close.
1:1 sessions 90 minutes with option to rebook and work on YOUR postnatal recovery.

Appointment:  90 minutes on a 1:1 basis.
Days available:  Appointment required.
Duration: 1 appointment for 90 minutes with rebook option to be booked at end of the first session.  Payment can be taken via portable payment card reader.
Cost:  £60 for 1.5 hours 

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