Pregnancy Yoga classes

What is Pregnancy yoga?

A Ripple Effect yoga class provides women with a safe environment in which to explore their feelings & to adapt to the changes in their bodies; providing a constant thread of stability.

What do you get …

💝 Pregnancy yoga 💝
💝 Rebozo techniques 💝
💝 Spinning babies techniques 💝
💝 Visualisations and hypnosis techniques 💝
💝 Breath work to create space 💝
💝 Pelvis and pelvic floor stabilisation 💝
💝 Deep relaxation and nourishment 💝
💝 Ease tension, stress, anxiety, and aches and pains 💝
💝 Relax, deeply, in body and mind 💝
💝 Bonding with your unborn baby 💝
💝 Birth preparation 💝
💝 Small class size (maximum of 3 per class) 💝
💝 Individualised, bespoke, nurturing & personalised class 💝
💝 Partners Birth preparation (additional fees apply) 💝
💝 Access to a client area with additional resources, videos & downloads 💝
💝 12 weeks postnatal support via telephone, Skype/facetime & email 💝
💝 Signposting to external organisations 💝
💝 You get me #theripplemama with 20 years of experience 💝
💝 Make new friendships many of whom will be friends in years to come. 💝
💝 5% discount on any other service you book with Ripple Effect (includes Hypnobirthing & Pregnancy, Postnatal & Therapeutic Massage)  Does not include any postnatal classes. 💝

Pregnancy Yoga from 13/14 weeks

During the early stages of your pregnancy you can bounce between feeling anxious to excited. With many colours of the rainbow in-between … is this normal … is everything ok?  
Your body undergoes many changes. Hormonal changes affect almost every organ system in your body. These changes can trigger symptoms even in the very first weeks of pregnancy.
Your period stopping is a clear sign that you are pregnant.

Other changes may include:

  • Extreme tiredness
  • Tender, swollen breasts.
  • an upset tummy with or without throwing up
  • Morning sickness
  • Headaches
  • Cravings or distaste for certain foods
  • Mood swings
  • Constipation
  • Frequent urination
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Heartburn

You may find yourself eating more frequently, having smaller servings, going to bed early.
Some ladies may not feel any discomfort at all.  Everyone is different, as is every pregnancy.

Your booking appointment may be towards the back end of your first trimester.  There are important topics that can be discussed earlier in pregnancy rather than later.
Connecting with Ripple Effect is a great starting point.  

How your baby is developing … can make your pregnancy more real and exciting.  This is also a time to ask questions that might seem like something you wouldn’t want to ask your doctor or midwife (but totally could) … I’ll leave that one for you to work out ….

How to stay safe during your pregnancy including prenatal supplements, who to contact, what happens if …
If you are booking into a group class then you get to meet other mummies-to-be and this can be an amazing support throughout your pregnancy and when your baby is here … I have clients that have been friends from attending pregnancy yoga classes and they still socialise and get together for ladies nights out and play dates with the children.  The social value of all of our classes is undervalued. The Ripple Effect community is an amazing one and knowing that there are so many wonderful families who will offer support and being a parent in this Community is an amazing experience.

Finding others early on is a great way to share that experience with other people. It’s also great to have some other women to call on when your partner is so tired of hearing about every pregnancy detail.

This is a great opportunity to learn about what you may specifically need in terms of nutrition and undertaking exercise.  Exercise that is appropriate for the early stages.  Gently connecting and establishing a pattern that can easily be incorporated into your day to day.

  • Do you want to learn time tested techniques that support a glowing pregnancy and postpartum?
  • Do you want to explore your choices, options and how you can prepare for a positive birth experience? Then Ripple Effect classes with me, Claire are perfect for you.
  • Do you want to create a “tool box” that is not just for pregnancy but part of your every day life? Learn how these tools and techniques can help prepare you, are beneficial in easing tension and discomfort as well as supporting you to feel relaxed, to sleep more comfortable and easily.

All classes are taught by me, in the comfort of my own private studio. With nearly 2 decades of experience, you are in safe, experienced hands. I am a doula, and specialise in pregnancy yoga and massage (pregnancy, postpartum and baby) as well as postnatal and well woman yoga. I came to this beautiful service after having my first baby so I can fully empathise and do understand what you are going through. Supporting your vision for your pregnancy is my focus. My warm and welcoming space from which the classes are offered is a calm, relaxed environment where you have the time to connect and nurture yourself and nourish your baby.

The beauty of the classes with me is that we combine so many beautiful tools that can be used during labour:

  • adapted pregnancy yoga positions to support you and your baby;
  • use of the rebozo and positioning techniques for comfort;
  • breath & visualisation work to create space, which helps you to relax and therefore release tension and much more! 

A Ripple class is unique yet very simple. Keeping it simple helps you instinctively & intuitively connect with your baby and your body.

Do you want to find out more?
Please do connect and lets explore how classes will support you and your baby. #theripplemama #rippleeffectyoga  #ripplerelaxations #birthrelaxations

The principles of yoga include balance, awareness & respect. Women are empowered to feel confident in their ability to give birth. Yoga postures & movements will provide more space for the baby & alleviate many pregnancy discomforts.
Every class ends with a deep relaxation allowing the body to release tensions & the mind to become still. Both mother and baby are nourished and energy is renewed. During the class we focus on the preparation and strengthening of the pelvis and pelvic floor in preparation for your labour.

The power of pregnancy yoga


  • Promotes general health to mother and baby
  • Expands breathing, expanding lung capacity, breath awareness
  • Increases flexibility and mobility
  • Helps to gain confidence for the birth
  • Calms the mind and the emotions
  • Bonding with your baby
  • Creating space in the physical body for your growing baby
  • Reminding you to listen and trust your own body 
  • Addressing particular pre-natal issues such as heartburn, indigestion,fatigue, piles, sciatica, pelvic girdle pain (PGP)  or symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), lower back ache, varicose veins, aching legs and carpal tunnel.
  • Toning the pelvic floor
  • Bringing a good blood supply to the pelvic area generally
  • Gently increasing the body’s range of movement
  • Releasing tensions and anxiety
  • Acceptance of your changing body
  • Gently building strength and stamina for an active birth 
  • Techniques and support for labour and the post-natal period

The yoga postures focus on spinal alignment and the distribution of weight throughout the body as your pregnancy develops and your baby grows.

Breathing techniques (Prananyama) are learned to utilise throughout your pregnancy, the three stages of labour and later in your parenting, as well as yoga nidra (mental and physical relaxation techniques).

What makes a Ripple Effect Yoga class special?
Our classes offer a relaxed environment in which you can either prepare for conception and/or enjoy the various stages of your pregnancy to the full with your growing baby. The class creates a warm and welcoming space which will hopefully help mummies to be to nurture themselves and create the time to connect with and nurture the baby growing within them.

  • Strengthens the pelvis & pelvic floor
  • Re-aligns the spine
  • Breathing techniques for your labour
  • Deeply relaxing & nurturing
  • Bonding with your unborn baby
  • Make new friendships 

Our work is body-based; in the pregnancy yoga classes we follow the changes, both physical and emotional, that affect each woman differently along the journey of each pregnancy. We are highly trained in facilitating a gentle awareness of all these intense transformations from conception to the other side of birth. We believe that this awareness or mindfulness, that is the foundation of yoga practice, particularly of breathing in relaxed stretches, helps women to discover or regain their inner strength and their intuition of what is best for them, their babies and their families. This is the specialness of what we do. It’s not just information, although we have it at our fingertips and it’s not just yoga postures with a bit of breathing and relaxation, but yoga that reaches hearts and uncovers inner joy and well being.

As clients recently said:  “Its not just a “yoga class”, it’s an education, it’s relaxing, encouraging, an emotional support network! The lot! There’s no point trying to make it sound conventional, it isn’t but that’s why we all gained so much!

Combining a mixture of Birthlight techniques, active birthing positions (including the use of rebozos, a birthing ball), hands on skills, positioning techniques along with lots of hints & tips plus hypnobirthing techniques that are suitable for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum.  There’s nothing else quite like it.  

The classes run for an hour and a half which includes discussions and time to make new friendships


Option 1: 6 week block booking – £97.00
Classes can be booked in 6 week blocks with the option to extend with further block bookings (if you book in from 16 weeks you will be able to extend your booking)

There are a maximum of 2 – 3 spaces per class (depending on current guidelines).

Option 2:   12 week block booking – £192.00

Option 3:
£45.00 for a 1:1 class for 1 1/2 hours per week.
6 week block £270.00
After first registration additional classes can be booked with your teacher.

If you know when you want to book that there are dates that you cannot commit then please let me know and this will determine the option that is applicable to you.  I try to accommodate everyone so please do ask if you do shifts and need to mix and match your dates and class times.

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Birthing Lightly Yoga gives women practical resources for ‘birthing lightly’, making space in themselves and using the breath to ‘exhale push’ their babies without undue strain.

Birthing Lightly Yoga is informed by cutting edge medical and scientific research but its hallmark is simplicity and accessibility of all practices to all pregnant women,  whatever their state of fitness, their condition, their cultural background.
At we take pride in translating research findings into simple and fun movements that ease bodies and produce delight.

Birthing Lightly Yoga supports hands off midwifery and facilitates the work of midwives by giving pregnant and labouring women the understanding and skills they need in order to be positively involved in their personal experience, however the process unfolds at the time. Rather than information, women take body memories and awareness from the antenatal classes to their labour space: this is how yoga is effective.

NICE Guidelines CG62 Antenatal Care: full guideline (corrected June 2008)   (Pg 82 3.3 Antenatal Classes)

With reference to the above, Birthing Lightly Yoga incorporates the ethos behind effective antenatal classes by offering social, emotional, psychological and physical awareness of pregnancy, providing good preparation for birth and the postnatal period. It encourages self confidence to approach birth positively. Also within NICE Guidelines (Pg 118-119 5.10) beginning or continuing a moderate course of exercise during pregnancy is associated
with positive outcomes.

Research has shown central oxytocin supports sleep, reduces anxiety and
increases a woman’s pain coping strategy McNabb Mary (2003).
Central oxytocin levels increase with activities such as yoga and meditation.