Hi I am Claire and I have the honour and privilege to support clients who are trying to conceive; those who are pregnant; supporting families; and working with non-pregnant clients.

I have the best of both worlds as I have taken my passion for teaching and learning and have the honour to facilitate pregnancy yoga, well woman happy baby yoga & massage and well woman yoga classes. I am passionate about Pregnancy yoga and sharing the immense benefits this can have in Pregnancy & the postnatal period and for general wellness.  I love the flows, adapted yoga moves and the beautiful intricacies of blending other tools. It is absolutely fabulous … I understand why so many of my previous clients have been enthusiastic.  If you are looking for a Pregnancy Yoga class that focuses on your needs in a small setting please do connect I might have some ideas for you to consider.  

I have over 30 years educational experience teaching a variety of subjects (all key stages and adult education) plus my own life experiences which I draw on in my classes and courses. 
I started yoga at the age of 10 … and have over the years come back and forth to this wonderful practice.  When I was pregnant with both babies I found yoga very beneficial and in times of need I have delved deep … today it is a constant of my day … I love it … Over the last 19+ years I have had the most amazing experiences supporting more than 1200 families through my work in private one to one classes, group classes (both in Surestart Centres, and through private venues) and feel very blessed that families have chosen me to support them at precious times in their lives.

Giving birth is an empowering experience and one which all women/birthing people should be fully supported in.  Having the opportunity to explore and make the choices that they feel are right for them and to feel positive about these is essential in supporting women/birthing people emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually into and through mother/parenthood. 

We learn so much from our children and our families, the experiences add to the road map of our personal journey in this world.  We have one life and should grasp it fully with both hands and enjoy it to the full.  I have met families who have faced challenges everyday of their lives and have so much to offer each other and those around us.  It begs the question “Are we chosen to experience a particular path?”  Whatever our pathway is it is a Gift. 

We can travel the path with support and positivity or we can go through life thinking “Why me?” and never see the enrichment of the experience.  Perhaps when we are old and grey we might reflect and see that it was a positive period in our lives.  Ripple Effect is here to support you … grasping it in the here and now and taking pleasure from everything and everyone you encounter.

With love and joy, enjoy

Claire x





  • Birthlight Birthing Lightly (Pre and postnatal Yoga) – Francoise Freedman
  • Birthlight Well Woman Yoga – Francoise Freedman
  • Birthlight Aqua Yoga – Francoise Freedman, Sally Lomas and Amanda Gawthrope
  • Birthlight tutor training – Francoise Freedman (mentor)
  • Cerrada – Mayella Almazan
  • Sacred Pregnancy facilitator – Level 2
  • Sacred Postpartum – Mother Roaster
  • “I am sisterhood” facilitator
  • Sacred Baby & Mother Blessing facilitator 
  • Born to Carry Peer Supported (Babywearing)
  • Rebozo Certified – Gena Kirby
  • Spinning Babies – Gail Tully
  • STA PEP Level 1
  • Childbirth preparation
  • Laughter Facilitator
  • Acupressure points facilitator – Debra Betts
  • Doula UK CPD – study days
  • Development Baby Massage – Peter Walker
  • What Mother’s Do – Naomi Stadlen – Study day
  • Rebozo & Closing of the Bones – Stacia Smales-Hill
  • Recognised Birth & Postnatal doula (Paramana with Dr Michel Odent & Lilliana Lammars)
  • Massage Practitioner (Therapeutic, Pregnancy & Postnatal) – London College of Massage
  • Qualified teacher specialising  in secondary PE & Mathematics (25 years since 1992) – University of Greenwich
  • Master of Arts in European Leisure Studies (Vrije University Brussels, Catholic University Tilburg, Loughborough University, Deusto University Bilbao) (1992-1993) 

I don’t offer concessionary places, because I believe my prices are fair and reflect my level of training and experience. However, I know that during your pregnancy and postnatally these times can be financially very stressful.  So if money is an issue, I would always rather you made me a reasonable offer than simply stayed away. (This also applies if your financial circumstances change once you have a space in a class.)
I am also open to offers of skill swaps/exchange of services.
I also do not offer taster classes as a one-off class this will not be beneficial to you.