Ripple Effect Yoga


Empowering women through pregnancy yoga and positive birth support has been Claire’s focus for over two decades. As a seasoned practitioner, Claire provides a unique skill set dedicated to supporting individuals throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond, with a personalised approach tailored to both you and your baby.

The classes foster an environment where enduring friendships are formed, becoming your lifelong support network. Designed to nourish and support you, these sessions adapt to the ever-changing needs of your body as you navigate the transformative journey from pregnancy through birth and into welcoming your baby. Ripple and Claire extend their support into the postnatal months, ensuring a seamless transition.

This journey from maiden to motherhood is guided by Claire’s motto, “Keep it simple,” with confidence that the classes and services offered will equip you to navigate the ongoing changes in a way that resonates with you. By fostering connections with yourself, your baby, and fellow participants, the classes provide not only physical benefits but also a supportive and caring environment crucial for the preparation into motherhood.

The body can never go, where the mind has never gone Bruce Lee

Jane, a new mom, attests to the importance of Claire’s classes, “praising the sensitive, informed, and non-judgmental delivery, along with the opportunity to connect with other moms in a safe environment.”

Claire’s “approach goes beyond being just a yoga class; it serves as an education, an uplifting experience, and an emotional support network,” as noted by Liz, another new mom.

The value of the shared experiences in these classes is immeasurable, extending beyond a mere calculation. It’s an infinite and priceless resource that becomes apparent once you integrate and apply the teachings.

If you have any further inquiries, feel free to click the Chat Now button in the right-hand corner to connect. Links to classes and services can be found at the top of the page. Claire eagerly looks forward to hearing from you, as you become a part of the “big” family based in Northampton, UK.

I extend an invitation for you and your family to bestow upon me the honor of joining you on your journey to parenthood. I warmly welcome you to become a part of the Ripple Effect family and community.