The Ripple Effect

Welcome to the online area for The Ripple
This is a blend of antenatal education with hypnobirthing techniques and tools, biomechanics, breath work, visualisation and so much more.  Your SIMPLE tool box to support you and your partner during the amazing journey to birthing your baby/ies.

Here you will find lots of resources that will help you to prepare for the arrival of your baby or babies. This is a step by step approach to preparing for the birth of your baby.

I am hoping that this will be a journey that opens your eyes and you have that light bulb moment where it all suddenly makes sense – feel free to come back to this first part at any time and then do share what your light bulb moment was …

I can assure you that this will equip you with the knowledge that you need in order to navigate the Journey ahead of meeting your baby(ies) and welcoming them earth side … just think on this … this little soul chose you as their parents … isn’t that wonderful and so sacred … your journey should be honoured …

This is a one stop hypnobirthing-antenatal birth preparation course where you can dip in and out of topic areas. There will be links to research, videos, and slides that you can journey through at your own pace.  Reviewing areas by clicking on the links below with the ability to go to the previous or next chapter. If any links don’t work please let me know.

This supports any of the classes/courses you may have booked on a 1:1 basis or group basis face to face or online.

So here goes let’s jump in and explore everything you need to know.

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  1. Welcome
  2. Chapter 1
  3. Chapter 2 - Hypnobirthing
  4. Chapter 3 - Hypnobirthing Tools
  5. Chapter 4 - Where do you want to give birth?
  6. Chapter 5 - PAIN
  7. Chapter 5 - Your body
  8. Chapter 6 - Your hormones
  9. Chapter 7 - Your experience
  10. Chapter 8 - Your birth support
  11. Chapter 9 - Physiology of birth
  12. Chapter 10 - As you birth
  13. Chapter 11 - Immediately after birth
  14. Chapter 12 - Induction - natural or medical?
  15. Chapter 13 - Interventions
  16. Chapter 14 - Caesarean
  17. Chapter 15 - Your newborn
  18. Chapter 16 - Breast/Chest/Bottle feeding
  19. Chapter 17 - Your Postpartum
  20. Chapter 18 - Supporting your pregnancy
  21. Chapter 19 - Breathing
  22. Chapter 20 - Quizzes
  23. Chapter 21 - Your go to's