Monthlies – video and website – excellent resource for mamas and their children.


Note I say children not specifically girls as I think this is great for boys too.

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From the website:


During two years worth of research for the feature version of our film The Moon Inside You, we realized that more than 80% of the girls have a negative attitude towards their upcoming menstruation. For many of them it is  really unclear what else is related with menstruation other than” knowing” that it will hurt or that it´s something to be ashamed of.

By making this new version of the film, addressed to young audience and girls specifically, we want to break down the prejudices and negative expectations that make the women-to-be fearful. The “certainty”  of expected pain will make them to become more likely to follow blindly certain pharmaceutical advises as having contraceptives in order to prevent PMS and colateral menstruation effects, resulting in harming their health in a long term period.

Our intention is to bring girls a deeper knowledge and understanding of their bodies. To raise their interest in exploring about their own nature. To free them of the false burden that ” the pain is part of being a women” . 

On the other hand, we want that the young boys would know what’s going on within  their mates, so they wouldn´’t need to make fun of them while they are trying to hide something their “shameful” periods.

Our goal is to tell a story in a fairy tale way. There is nothing made in film previously  on such a important issue, but on a didactical or medical approaching. We want to talk about the magical journey of the girl  becoming a women, in a very positive and visually compelling way.

We´ll tell about some other ways in the world of reaching that moment, as happens in the Tamil community, in the south of India, who celebrate the menarche of the girl in a joily and colourfully way.

Our aim is to show it to wider world, helping open the vision on what  menstruation can mean.

We would be so thankful if we can count of you on this mission. Help us change the old paradigmas . Be part of the change. 

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