Generic Downloads

Here you will find lots of resources that you will be able to download and keep for you to refer to during your pregnancy, labour & postnatal period.  Please do not share with anyone outside of the Ripple community.

Massage in Labour

massage for labour

Leaflets – Pregnancy

leaflet induction
leaflet labour
leaflet monitoring
leaflet epidural
leaflet 3rd stage
leaflet natural induction
leaflet newborn
leaflet other info
leaflet pain relief 2
leaflet pain relief 3
leaflet perineal mass
leaflet positioning

Leaflet – Newborn/Postpartum

leaflet newborn
bottle feeding leaflet
leaflet postpartum

Yoga flow videos
Yoga Flow I:

Yoga Flow II:   

Seated flow:

Standing flow:

Sample Birth Wishes:   sample-birth-wishes

Sample plans & icons:
The Positive Birth Book have a great resource with the Visual Birth Plan

Right click and save to your download area …

 Acupressure Points:   accupressure points scenarios updated

Using a Tens Machine – great PDF Mamatens 

A guide to drug free pain relief TENS machine
Acupressure points and using a TENS machine PDF booklet – brilliant as shows points for lots of pregnancy related issues

Road map of Labour
US version:  

UK Version:


Birth Positions: 


Maternity Paperwork – thank you to Chhaya 
Employment and Maternity etc

Maternity Application

Spinning Baby


Breech Tilt Video:
Breech Tilt video

Forward Leaning Inversion
Forward Leaning Inversion video



Toffee Wrapper

Rebozo collage:

rebozo gena course notes

Rebozo techniques

Rebozo Guide

Bump Wrapping

Bump Binding

If you have an extra long wrap take it and wrap it around under the front of your bump, cross over, pull to your comfort level and then wrap around the back of the pelvis and knot off on the side … click the photo to open it fully and wtch the following video for the last little bit we might have done in class or on a one to one ….

This video might be of help too:  wrappedinlove

Pelvic support: