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A Ripple Effect yoga class provides women with a safe environment in which to explore their feelings and to adapt to the physical changes in their bodies. The class provides a constant thread of stability for participants.

Benefits of pregnancy yoga

During the early stages of your pregnancy you can bounce between feeling anxious to excited.
Is this normal?
Is everything ok?

Your body undergoes many changes.
Hormonal changes affect almost every organ system in your body.
These changes can trigger symptoms even in the very first weeks of pregnancy.

Having a baby is much harder work on your body. You will be tired, especially in the early days of your pregnancy – which is your body’s way of saying that you need to just slow down and take care of yourself and your baby.

Click here to explore how Ripple Effect may be able to support you in the early days.

Pregnancy yoga from 13/14 weeks

We utilize yoga as a tool to achieve balance among the three pillars of strength: body, heart, and mind. Our classes provide a serene setting for you to embrace the various stages of your pregnancy alongside your growing baby. Creating a warm and inviting space, our classes help expectant mothers nurture themselves, fostering a connection with both themselves and the growing baby within.

Our approach is rooted in the body, closely tracking the physical and emotional changes that differ for each woman throughout her pregnancy journey. Claire, with her extensive training, facilitates a gentle awareness of these intense transformations, spanning from pregnancy to women’s wellness. She believes that mindfulness, particularly in relaxed stretches and breathing exercises, forms the foundation of yoga practice. This mindfulness aids women in discovering or rediscovering their inner strength and intuition, guiding them in making choices that benefit themselves, their babies, and their overall well-being.

What sets our classes apart is their unique blend of Birthlight techniques, active birthing positions, hands-on skills, positioning techniques, and hypnobirthing techniques suitable for pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. The hour-and-a-half sessions include discussions and time to forge new friendships, sometimes extending beyond the scheduled duration.

The beauty of our classes lies in the comprehensive toolbox they provide for use during labour, offering practical tools that serve well during pregnancy, labour, birth, and the postpartum period. Our approach is both unique and simple, encouraging instinctive and intuitive connections between mother and baby, aiding in labour and empowering women to feel confident in their birthing abilities.

Led by Claire, who boasts two decades of experience, all classes take place in the comfort of her private studio. As a doula specializing in pregnancy yoga and massage (for pregnancy, postpartum, and baby), as well as postnatal and well woman yoga, Claire empathizes with your journey, having entered this service after the birth of her first child. Focused on supporting your vision for pregnancy, her welcoming space provides a calm, relaxed environment for you to connect, nurture yourself, and nourish your baby.

Following the arrival of your baby, I provide a COMPLIMENTARY 12-week postnatal service accessible via telephone, Skype, FaceTime, and email.

This service is designed for individuals who have recently given birth, regardless of whether it was a natural birth, home birth, VBAC, or cesarean. Under the hashtag #theripplemama, I am available to answer questions and offer assistance. I can guide you to relevant professional help as needed.

This support is available throughout the initial 12 weeks, tailored to your specific needs. It is adaptable to your schedule, allowing you to utilize it at your convenience for maximum comfort.

#theripplemama has established a safe space where you can freely discuss any challenges you may be facing in your postpartum period or simply seek some much-needed downtime. With over 20 years of experience and a range of qualifications across various areas, I am here to support you.

To talk more about the service call or email.

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Classes are booked in blocks of 6 classes. Usually the same day over 6 weeks. There is some flexibility but depends on class availability and spaces. You may book additional classes after your block has finished.

Option 1:    6 week group class – £97.00

Option 2:   12 week block booking – £190.00 (these are booked directly with Claire not through the link below.)

Option 3:
£45.00 for a 1:1 class for 1 1/2 hours per class.
6 week block £270.00 (these are booked directly with Claire not through the link below.)

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