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Class Times

Thank you for enquiring about classes with Ripple Effect Yoga

Please note that spaces go very quickly and are usually held by a client for either the duration of her pregnancy, for a number of blocks with her new baby or as part of her postnatal or well woman journey.  Please note that once you commit to booking a space your payment to reserve that space is required at the timing of booking.  Please make sure you read the booking conditions.  Class bookings are usually the same class time and day booked consecutively.  Sometimes there is the option to mix and match but this is subject to availability and is limited usually to a maximum of 3 clients.  Priority is given to those that work shifts.

Occasionally I will offer taster classes (this is very rare due to the number of classes I teach) …. an initial 6 week block of continuous classes are offered or more if that is the option you choose.  There are 10 & 18 week options available for pregnancy yoga.
These classes offer so much more than pregnancy yoga so you may find that you do not need to do additional classes such as NCT, hypnobirthing etc .. I do offer empowering birth days combining in our very popular call the birth partner however you may feel that what we cover in class is sufficient …  your options, your choices …

You are welcome to book more than 6 … there is a checklist available in the client area (password sent when you have booked in) and you will get the basic tool box from 6 weeks of classes but booking 12 weeks or more will most definitely help you … the choice is yours ….

If you are looking for 10 pre-booked classes please message Claire to discuss … there are clients that work shifts so do a mix and match of alternating classes each week this is dependent on availability.

A maximum of 3 clients in a class is great value for money.  
In some group class times you might find yourself receiving a one to one with Claire, an expert in her field for the same price.
Classes are 1 1/2 hours in duration per week.
A 10 week block is £142.50 – payment plans are available.

Anyone who already has a space and has 4 weeks to go there is the option to book this number of weeks rather than a full 6 week block.

Each class size varies but there are 3 spaces available per class.  When you book you may be on your own.

Booking your class space:

Step 1:

Click the Book Now button to check availability for the classes you may be interested in.


After completing your Book Now option please come back to this page and scroll down and complete the Medical form. Fill out my online form.

Class Location Our classes are taught from our bespoke Space which accommodates a maximum class size of 3.  We are based in Boothville, Northampton.
The Space is in the garden of 12 Windermere Way, accessed via the side gate to the property.
Please do not go to the house.  Thank you.


Please support us fully in this.

… parking is only available in the designated areas shown …. from the Windermere Way sign in line with the hedge outside our property to the curb edge – see attached photo

1 space available in line with our front door – not 1/2 with us and number 10 … only in line with us and just onto the pavement.

1 space behind the green car – please park on the pavement sensibly leaving enough room.

There is one parking space on the drive – we do encourage our clients to use this … creating 3 spaces that are available … on a first come first served basis … please do not block the black car on the drive as this needs access to and from the property at all times.

If you are being dropped and picked up please ensure that they do not sit with their car running – again park in the designated spots.

If you order a taxi please arrange for it to pick you up from outside the house and as close to the end of class time as possible.

Anyone who can offer another class member a lift and car-share would be helpful.


Please do not park in the cul-de-sac.

Coming by bus or walking please let us know so that you can gain access to The Space rather than standing around outside.