The Ripple Effect – Hypnobirthing Enquiries

Thank you for your interest in the Hypnobirthing programme offered at Ripple Effect Yoga.  

The course which can be booked either on a 1:1 basis or in a group with the option to do face to face or online (via zoom).


You choose which works best for you in line with your work and family commitments.
The course is 12 hours in total. Depending on the booking option will depend on how the sessions are organised. 

Hypnobirthing enables you to tune into the ‘mammalistic’ part of your birthing knowledge and wisdom, sending signals to the body during labour that you are in a safe environment (keeping out adrenaline) and prepares you physically, practically, psychologically and emotionally.  

Hypnobirthing what is it?

“Hypno”– the use of hypnotherapy techniques (no you won’t be doing anything silly) to help acknowledge and let go of your fears, help relieve any pregnancy anxiety you may be feeling and to help you to remain calm during birth, enabling the hormones that birth requires to be produced. 

“Birthing” – gently engaging with what you need to give birth.  This is a comprehensive antenatal course and you will have many tools to equip you (and your partner) to prepare for your birth experience.  These will help you to make any decisions during your pregnancy, your labour, during your birth journey and after your baby is here.  

The benefits of Hypnobirthing
Hypnobirthing works on the principle that the more calm and safe YOU the birthing person feels in labour, the more YOUR  essential birth hormones are able to work effectively and efficiently.

Clinical research shows that using hypnobirthing techniques in childbirth results in: 

  • Reduced sensation of pain
  • Shorter labour and less interventions
  • A reduction in length of labour
  • A reduced need for pharmacological anaesthesia/analgesia

Whilst these statistics are important, it is the emotional benefits of a positive birth experience that have a lasting impact. 

What you will learn

The aim of the course is for you (and your birthing partner) to feel informed and prepared for the birth of your baby, teaching you effective, practical techniques no matter what type of birth you are planning. 

On the course you will learn: 

  • Birth physiology, the science behind birth hormones and how to make them work effectively
  • The physical changes that occur during labour and what this means for you and your baby
  • The role of your nervous system, reducing adrenaline, managing pain and how to create an optimal birth environment
  • Understanding of the mechanics of birth… what are contractions and why we need a cocktail of hormones to give birth
  • How to use deep relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques in your pregnancy to prepare for labour
  • Addressing and letting go of fears and practical tips for easing anxieties
  • What to expect and how to manage the different stages of labour, including breathing techniques and massage
  • Practical tools (also helpful for anyone supporting you) to feel confident and prepared, especially during Covid-19
  • Ways to involve your birth partner and empowering them to be your best birth team
  • The options available and decision making tools for when labour takes a different course
  • What to expect and what your options are during an induction of labour and caesarean birth
  • How hypnobirthing techniques can support you in the postnatal period and beyond

What’s included

  • A comprehensive birth preparation pack & lots of additional resources.
  • Access to a membership platform that contains all the information, presentations, and key information and resources you may wish to explore when preparing for the birth of your baby.  (Additional resources if you book the Special Offer)
  • Gift pack sent out to you (if you are doing online) or given to you at the start of your course.
  • Birth plan/wishes template and any additional resources to support your discussions/planning
  • Hypnosis tracks to download – recorded by me so you keep hearing my voice (this continuity is important)
  • My hypnosis music to listen to as part of the self relaxations you will learn on the course and to add to your birth playlist
  • Affirmation cards and meditation pebble
  • Massage oil that is bespoke to Ripple Effect
  • Ongoing support until the birth of your baby. You can contact me if you have any concerns or questions.
  • Follow up after the birth of your baby to hear your story
  • 6 weeks postpartum support via telephone and email. 

You may wish to purchase a copy of ‘Hypnobirthing – Breathing in Short Pants’ by Dani Diosi (available from Amazon)

At what point in my pregnancy should I do a Hypnobirthing course?

You are very welcome to join my classes at any point in your pregnancy.  The earlier you start the more time you have to practice and engage with the tools and to listen to the hypnosis tracks.  I usually welcome clients from 22 weeks onwards.  Those that have taken part in the hypnobirthing course have found it really beneficial, particularly if they are feeling anxious.  Clients are welcome to start at any time that works for them even with just a few weeks to go. 

Should my birth partner be on the Hypnobirthing course with me?

Each place on the course is for the pregnant person and one birth partner. You are very welcome to come on your own, if you are planning on having someone else to support you during labour (e.g. a friend, a Doula etc), it would be hugely beneficial for them to attend.
If you are planning on having more than one birth partner please do let me know as this works better on a 1:1 basis.  Bringing the same person to all of the classes, as the skills and content are progressive building from the previous session. Your support during labour will understand the importance of birth physiology and your personal care preferences which are so helpful to create an environment conducive to birth.

What’s the benefit of doing your Hypnobirthing course?

I’ve been so fortunate to have been in the birth world for 2 decades.  As a Doula, Pregnancy Yoga teacher and Hypnobirthing practitioner I love the opportunity to develop a relationship with my clients so that they feel they can ask me anything.  To feel supported and to know that I will be there for them from the moment we connect can be very reassuring for those clients who are looking for continuity of care. 
This is your opportunity to relax, to be calm so that you can explore and prepare for your journey.  The course welcomes everyone into a supportive environment where you are able to ask any questions  you may have, to feel safe and have a space to be yourself. The work we undertake in class starts to relax you so that you are open to suggestions.  These are important in your preparation for labour and are more likely to have an impact as the positive anchors gently embed into your subconscious through lots of practice and repetition. 
Face to face classes include refreshments and cake.  Cake is so important!  

Where did you train to be a Hypnobirthing teacher?

There are so many teachers who offer hypnobirthing that have been accredited by different organisations. 20 years in the birth world I knew there had to be this one little gem and that’s why I  trained as an Independent practitioner accredited by MamaSerene (Dani Diosi).  This training is unique as I am able to write my own course content and record my own scripts.  I love this personalisation that I will support you on the course and continue to do so at home when listening to the recordings.  This continuity supports the very essence of how Hypnobirthing works; embedding anchors that ground you to feel safe and secure.

How much is the course?

The cost for the course per birthing person and their birth partner is £295.00

Special Offer

If you book in via the special offer you will receive the following:

  • Empowering Birth course
  • Call the Birth Partner
  • Pregnancy Yoga classes
  • 12 weeks postnatal support (email & telephone)

Should you wish to employ me as your doula after this session please chat to me.
For further details about Doulas and associated costs please visit the Doula

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