Get Rocking …

Imagine my delight this morning as I was taking my usual route to the office (for those that know me it’s a quick stroll from the house through the garden into The Space). To find this absolute beauty sitting just under the gate … If you haven’t found these beautiful painted rocks left in obscure places please start opening your eyes as there are some seriously talented folk who paint these as a hobby.

Take a look at Northampton Rocks … there are some fabulous rocks painted and hidden around the County and the Country.

The wonderful Beccy posted that she had some left from celebrating the life of the Queen and jokingly I agreed with another poster about leaving one on my front door step.  Little did I think this lovely lady would pop round and leave such a wonderful surprise.
I haven’t stopped beaming all morning and every time I have caught sight of her I have had a small smile thinking about the Monarch and her reign.

Thank you so very much … it will be my daily reminder that there are some amazing women in the world and I have the honour and privilege to support them during a very special time in their lives.

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With lots of love … Claire

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