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Journey to birth Coco Milou – an epic masterpiece … stunning!

This is absolutely gorgeous … thank you to Jane McCrae Photography for her beautiful fusion of photos & video to create something so magical … some gorgeous honouring elements … be prepared to cry … and the baby was born in the caul … how auspicious …


Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 15.44.15


5 things mum want dads to know


1. Our New Mother Self-Esteem Can Be A Fragile Thing, Our Confidence Just A Veneer

2. We’re Learning Too

3. Our Lack Of Interest In Sex Isn’t Personal. Really.

4. We Are Worried About Being Judged

5. We Expected That Life Would Get Back To Normal – But It’s Starting To Dawn On Us That It Never Will

Great Read Elly is presenting at the Birthlight Conference in September 2014.


Why your baby needs 40 weeks …


From the webpage:  

In recent years, some women have been electing to have their babies born early for non-medical reasons, such as convenience or fear of a big baby. This worrying trend leads to a plethora of increased risks and health problems for both baby and mother – something you don’t want to be worrying about during the birth, or recovering from after the birth. The babymoon should be a special, bonding time with lots of snuggles and cuddles, without worrying about pain or illness. If you think logically, in a week or two, your baby isn’t going to sprout an extra 5cms circumference on his head, nor add an extra kilo of weight. A week will make little difference in terms of size, and no matter if you have a big baby or a small baby, women can have difficult and easy births. So many factors come into play, but if you’ve done some good research, you would know a thing or two about how to labour in a way to make it easiest for your body and baby – no matter what baby’s size might be.