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Please Welcome Guest Columnist Elena Flores: Her First Post

What a beautiful time to start this new adventure as I start to bleed this month!

This in itself is so radical for me, to be so open about my body and my feelings about it.

Growing up, there was no talking about this ”stuff”. It feels like everything important about myself was swept under the rug and a avidly avoided. The conversation about the monthly moon cycles with my mom was never had. I learned bits and pieces from my grandma and friends, and mostly I learned alone.

I grew up thinking my moon cycle is something that should be hidden and ashamed of, the emotions coming up with each phase had to buried and not lived.

I hid my bleeding just as I hid my feelings and was afraid to look anyone into the eye, God forbid they find out.

I was afraid of the mess, I was afraid of the pain, I was afraid of the smell, I was afraid someone would know I am at that time of the month….

So much fear and worry about something so natural and beautiful.
Many of us still live in this world of shame and avoidance.

The monthly bleeding is just a nuisance we have to deal with, the bloating is just another reason to suck up our belly and deny who we are.

As I turned 30 I started to notice…
Important things were beginning as I started to bleed.

This was a powerful times of release and initiation. I started to read, I started to look up and be proud of being a woman.
Of being influenced by the moon cycles and being a wholesome part of the universe.

The wounds of the child and the young woman are healing and with it a new passion is born. A passion to share my journey with my daughter and all my sisters who are still looking down in shame. To learn and to educate about all the choices we don’t know we have.

And mostly a passion to connect with the mother and the maiden in me and to hear all the stories my mother never told me.

Love and Light,
Elena Flores, Guest Columnist

Art: “The Red Thread” by Lisa J. Rough

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