Amazing … good days, bad days …always seeing the positive …. and CAKE!

Women are amazing!  Yes we truly are and believing in one’s self is the first step in feeling positive about life and the Universe. We all have good days, bad days and those days where we really wished we hadn’t got out of bed let alone got out the wrong side!

Inspirational days are what bouy me up with love, hope and a positive belief that there are some very beautiful human beings in this world.  On days like this I want to go out into the world and be everywhere with everyone and just spread the love and joy I feel in my heart.  I want to touch and be touched by the joy I see in others when they have a magic moment where a connection or light bulb has flickered on.  It’s moments like those that I just love.

I feel inspired by the women (& families) I have the privilege to meet.  We all face challenges whether they be small or large but they are important to US and knowing that we have a wonderful community to share these and know that we will be nurtured, receive an abundance of empathy and lots of hugs is very important.

I read somewhere recently that if you hug for 20 seconds or more then there is this wonderful release of oxytocin … as a family we have lots of family hugs on a regular basis – we always have … but I have started to gently count in my head and won’t relinquish any of my precious family because I want them to feel the love ….

What about those who don’t like to be hugged or who find the invasion in their personal space very challenging – sometimes the lightest of touches can be the first step.  Whenever I place my hands I always seek permission I don’t want to invade that space but feel that I am welcomed into it.  I try to never break contact when I massage so that if I “suddenly” reconnect that I do not disturb the space the receiver is in.  We do the same with our nurturing touch with our babies and remain connected whilst massaging them or using calming techniques … always sharing a positive environment.

Thank you to you all who share the space created when we get together, always nurturing & being nurtured, loved & loving, sharing & caring … it’s very precious in our hectic lives and the balance that some of us seek … to cupcakes, families and lots of cups of inspiration


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