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Journey to birth Coco Milou – an epic masterpiece … stunning!

This is absolutely gorgeous … thank you to Jane McCrae Photography for her beautiful fusion of photos & video to create something so magical … some gorgeous honouring elements … be prepared to cry … and the baby was born in the caul … how auspicious …


Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 15.44.15


Lotus Births

Lotus Births: Waiting til baby’s umbilical cord falls off

An increasing number of women are choosing to leave their newborn baby’s umbilical cord attached, in an all-natural trend called Lotus Birth.

Lotus Birth, or umbilical nonseverance, means the mother waits for the cord to detach from her baby naturally – rather than cutting it off near the stomach after childbirth.

It can take up to 10 days for the placenta and umbilical chord to fall away.

Read more from this mainstreamy article frm the Daily Mail:

On “Care of the Placenta” from

• When the baby is born, leave the umbilical cord intact. If the cord is around the baby’s neck, simply lift it over.

• Wait for the natural delivery of the placenta. Do not use oxytocin – this forces too much too soon into the infant and compromises the placenta delivery.

• When the placenta delivers, place it into a receiving bowl beside the mother.

• Wait for full transfusion of the umbilical blood into the baby before handling the placenta.

• Gently wash the placenta with warm water and pat dry.

• Place the placenta into a sieve or colander for 24hrs to allow drainage.

• Wrap the placenta in absorbent material, a nappy or cloth and put in into a placenta bag. The covering is changed daily or more often if seepage occurs. Alternatively, the placenta may be laid on a bed of sea salt (which is changed daily) and liberally covered with salt.

• The baby is held and fed as the mother wishes.

• The baby is clothed loosely.

• The baby can be bathed as usual – keep the placenta with it.

• Keep movement to a minimum.

Photo by Lotus Birth advocate and Midwife educator Mary Ceallaigh via TheDailyMail

Midwives, doulas, mammas and other birth-y wise women: Would you please share your comments, stories and resources about Lotus Births here?

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