The space to be a woman


All women cry, all women rage and all women desire to be ravished.

The average man fears this because they’re things he can’t ‘fix’ or ‘handle’.

“Stop crying!” “Calm down!” “You’re such a freak!” are the last words of the man who lacks the ability to hold the space for the full raw feminine power in a woman.

It takes a strong man to allow her to feel safe enough to be all woman.

He’s a man who is steadfast in the face danger, moved to tears by tragedy and beauty, and more than enough to relish her uninhibited expressions of sensuality – the kind of man who faces down adversity and doesn’t abandon her when she needs him most.

Unlike the Bad Boy, he doesn’t change from macho workaholic to a frightened boy, too scared to get out of bed when challenges appear.

When a man’s that unstable she lives in a constant state of fear, terrified because there’s no stability or security. (“What if he actually gives up / quits his job / runs away / or leaves me alone with the kids?”)

And unlike the Nice Guy she doesn’t have to worry about coaxing him to head out to take on the world and supporting him as he develops genuine courage.

The test is, when she’s at her most raw and fully feminine – can he embrace her spirit or does he retreat in fear and confusion when she’s fully open?

Wait for the man who has the capacity to remain with you whether you need to cry, rage, or desire to be ravished without thinking.

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Graham R White

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