Why induce labour?

Why induce labour?

I am sure that out of your family, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues you have heard stories about their pregnancies and THEIR labour(s). Sometimes the stories are frightening and full of emotion. Giving birth is a little like climbing on a rollercoaster you know what’s coming when you see that first drop and you have to hold on and go with the flow experiencing a whole host of emotions and physically work through what your body needs to do to birth YOUR baby. Everyone has choices. Just because someone advices that you should be induced at x number of weeks YOU still have the right to choose. Gather your information, become knowledgeable about the induction process in your caregivers setting.

What can you do?

Is there a way to support this with natural methods?

Do you have to be induced when they say?

What are your options?

So for this activity I’d like you to think about what you’ve heard. Does it give you enough information to make an informed choice? Have you heard more horror stories rather than positive ones? What do you need to make the choice that feels right for you and your baby?

The following video talks about Induction and it does discuss Caesarean sections. Please note the references to the drugs and statistics are US based. This video discusses Pitocin (US based).

To find out the statistics for your area please look at the Which – Where To Give Birth Guide see the links section.