When things don’t go to plan …

So what can YOU do?
First of all … is it a birth plan or a birth wish list?
Ensuring you haven’t “planned” to the nth degree so that it is so set in stone that anything other than that pathway is completely unacceptable to you … ohhh well I would say take a deep breath, make a cuppa, sit yourself down and really think about your options, what you know, how you feel your birth partners will be able to facilitate this … how you can “LET GO” and ride the rollercoaster so that this is a birth journey that you can look back on and be positive with.

Sort out your optimal foetal positioning – do your daily do’s … it will be worth it in the long run.
What is the normal length of labour I hear you ask? Well my response is what is normal? I’m not being obtuse I’m being realistic what might be a norm for some may not be for others. Every persons labours are different … very few follow the text book. Take a look at the Physiology of Birth in all the hypnobirthing lessons as this may help you understand the role of the hormones in the finite balance of physiological birth.

Have we stopped sharing our positive births?
This may really help us in our conversations.