Sphincter Law

Your sphincters – anal and urethra (bladder) are shy.  Ina May Gaskin who wrote Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth, described them as needing privacy and intimacy.  If you try to PUSH or RELAX they close down.  If a person feels frightened, upset, self-conscious humiliated they close down.  Everything comes to a stop. High levels of adrenaline are produced when in a “fight” or “flight” state.  These circular muscles which work hard to keep something in until it is time to “let go” or release.

Interestingly when you look at the structures of the cervix, vagina and anus they are very similar to the mouth and the jaw and there is a direct correlation between the two areas.  If they are feeling stressed they don’t open.  High levels of adrenaline are produced and the body goes into protective mode and this prevents the sphincters from opening.

PARALLELS ✨ Shown so clearly here in these amazing drawings by @luisaalexandre shared by @osteo_path 💛 How incredible are these comparisons! .
I already knew that there is a direct link between our jaw and pelvic floor ~ but seeing the visual similarities within the whole of the vocal system, womb and vulva is amazing.

In labour, it’s important to keep a relaxed and loose jaw, as this will help the cervix to dilate. When we are tense or anxious we often hold tension in our jaw. So noticing the tension in your jaw (or your birth partner might notice this) might signal that you are holding tension elsewhere in your body, especially around your cervix. .
If you take a moment to focus on relaxing your jaw, it’s really noticeable how this impacts on your body – TRY IT NOW! Do you notice that it’s probably done the opposite.

Instead focus on the rhythm of your breath.  Now see what happens.

Maybe your shoulders drop, your eye lids may begin to close a little, your breathing may slow, maybe all the muscles in your body begin to relax … these are all positive indications of your parasympathetic nervous system working – essential for labour, but beneficial for everyone … helping your immune system to repair, blood pressure to lower, reduce anxiety… The benefits of this simple action are incredible. Our body is one big machine … everything connected. When we tune in to this, wonderful things can happen. .

This is a great video that shows you the power of observation and pressure on a couple not only to conceive but to birth within the establishment.