Preparing for your baby

The lists are endless … buy this for the baby, do this to celebrate your pregnancy, book this experience … so many things that the lists say to do. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. Your friends start to talk about a Mother Blessing or Baby Shower or you decided to have a last minute Baby Moon break with your partner.
You may follow x, y or z on Instagram, be bombarded by adverts from social media platforms. Have this Pinterest or Trello board for the nursery … Take a pause … make a cuppa and sit down and start to think about what’s important to you and your partner and your baby.

What big event have you ever taken part in? 

How did you prepare?

What might have been the outcome if you hadn’t of done all that preparation? 

I have always said you have to put the groundwork in … if it’s important then go that extra mile and copy the email to a, b & c irrespective of whether it’s going to upset the apple cart this is about your birth experience and what memories you will have not just over the next few months but for years to come. This is a journey that you want to feel prepared for as we never know what the birth day will be like and it may be far from what you envisioned but knowing that you were able to make decisions based on informed choice and that your consent was sort is very important.

– UK Version – you will have one of these in your goody bag

Preparation is 90% of the task ahead … know your options and choices that help you feel empowered when having YOUR baby. 

Remember that you need the support of your partner, family, friends and birth professionals (midwives, Doulas, yoga teachers, antenatal educators, other health professionals)