Women are born with the ability to give birth to their babies.

PHYSICAL FUNCTION just like breathing, digesting food, eliminating waste and our heart beating. Our bodies already ‘know’ how to do it.

Unfortunately, modern society and the history of fear surrounding birth have an extremely negative affect on how people view labour and that’s where ‘hypnobirthing’ comes into its own.

Independent Midwife and hypnobirthing instructor, Kemi Johnson described it as “a way of introducing women to the concept of choice surrounding their births.”
Instilling confidence in the physiology of birth provides the foundation upon which everything else is built. So however you’re planning on giving birth, you may find it useful to understand the roles our different body parts play in the overall process.

Student Midwife Studygram

The female body is amazing
To accommodate the growing foetus (baby) the intestines and organs move out of the way.
The stomach muscles separate as the baby grows
Constant toilet trips
Eating small amounts
May feel a little breathless

A few years ago there was an exhibition of Elephants in London.  They were all gathered together at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea.  There was this stunning image of a pregnant woman on all fours.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – Claire Morrow-Goodman

What does it feel like to be pregnant?  So many ask this, I’ve always wanted to acquire an empathy belly so that partners could understand what their other half is going through.  
This video might help …