How does hypnobirthing help a woman give birth?

In principle, childbirth is a natural process that may not require external assistance. However, a pervasive history of fear surrounding childbirth, coupled with how it is portrayed in modern society, often hinders the promotion of positive birthing experiences. Moreover, the prevalence of trauma-based narratives adds to the challenge. Positive birth stories are seldom heard, but when they are, the individuals sharing them radiate joy, recounting their experiences with smiles and an eagerness to go through it again.

Birth, being a physiological phenomenon, shares common ground with essential life functions such as breathing, eating, and blood circulation—a facet associated with the “old brain” shared by all mammals. As humans, we possess the “new brain” or neocortex, responsible for decision-making, critical thinking, and meticulous analysis. Often consumed by planning, risk assessment, and overthinking, the neocortex can be a hindrance during childbirth.

To navigate the birthing process successfully, it is crucial to momentarily set aside the neocortex and engage the more primal, instinctive aspects of our being. Hypnobirthing techniques facilitate this shift, fostering a connection with the present moment and allowing for a more instinctual approach. It is essential to understand that birthing is not a task that can be reasoned through; instead, it requires a profound connection with relaxation cultivated during pregnancy to aid in labor and delivery.

Oxytocin and Endorphins, the hormones associated with childbirth, can perform their roles effectively when not disrupted by the presence of adrenaline. Further exploration of these hormones will be covered in a subsequent section.

Contrary to the misconceptions surrounding hypnosis as a stage act inducing silly behaviors, its application in the context of childbirth involves gaining insight into its mechanisms and understanding the physiological processes involved. This knowledge, combined with hypnosis, transforms the childbirth experience into an empowering journey.