How can I avoid interventions? Privacy.


So let’s take 20 steps back and think about how we can look after ourselves and our baby(ies) prenatally.

Focus on good nutrition. Well-nourished tissues adapt better to the stresses of labour.
Optimal Foetal Positioning: You have been focused on this all the way through your pregnancy yoga classes and have an amazing tool box to help support you and your baby.
Know your options. Know about the range of options available to you to make the right decisions for you and your baby.
With your midwife discuss interventions – what can you do to avoid them?  Explore these with your pregnancy yoga teacher & doula (if you have engaged one).
Take a tour of the hospital/birth centre. There may be a virtual tour. Ask lots of questions about routine interventions & standard policies – KNOW YOUR OPTIONS.
If you’re not comfortable with your birthplace, consider birthing somewhere or with someone else.  
Practice positions, breathing, comfort techniques so you’re comfortable with them.
Try to imagine what labour will be like, and how you will react
Do Pelvic floor exercises – the Birthlight way
If a doctor recommends induction, explore alternatives:  is it possible to wait a few more days? 
Is your cervix favourable for induction?  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
Are there tests for foetal well-being which would indicate how necessary induction is?
We’ll talk more about Induction and what it entails in another section.

During Early Labour
Stay at home as long as possible:  you will progress if you are comfortable & relaxed, 
Easier to be relaxed at home than in the hospital.
Eat light meals throughout: noodles, rice, crackers, non-acidic  fruit, eggs, nuts, nonfat dairy products.
Drink LOTS of water.
Go to the bathroom every hour.
Alternate rest, relaxation, and labour-stimulating activities.
After you arrive at the hospital/birth centre and definitely if you are staying at home
Be active! Change positions frequently.
Delay pain medication as long as possible. Wait till at least 5 cm dilated.

This next video discusses privacy and how important it is to the birth process