“The hormones of labour are so important, they deserve a fanfare.
Labour is completely governed by the hormones and the fact is, nobody knows exactly why a woman goes into labour when she does.
We only know hormones are released from both mum and baby when both are ready for the process to start and they combine to make the most fantastic cocktail – one that’s capable of starting, progressing, completing labour and then providing everything mum and baby need once baby is on the outside”  DD, 2020

ALL around the world, women are subjected to artificial versions of these hormones which, whilst they replicate the function of natural hormones i.e. cause the longitudinal muscles of the uterus to contract and pull up, they do not cross into the brain so do not trigger the pituitary gland to secrete all the additional hormones which give the emotional and mental support for the contractions, thus making labour so much harder than it needs to be.
Without that blood brain connection during labour, both mother and baby will be seriously lacking the necessary hormone production for the post-natal period.

Marsden Wagner Video on hormones of birth


There are loads of hormones involved in the main birth process and each has a vital part to play.

I like this from Dani’s book – “As with any production there are the main players”