Confirmation Details – Terms & Conditions

Congratulations to those of you who are pregnant and to those who have recently had their babies – welcome earth side and I do hope you are enjoying your baby moon.

Currently offering pregnancy yoga classes, well woman happy baby classes and well woman yoga … hypnobirthing, empowering birth and postnatal classes for mummy & baby.


The class is at the following location:
The Space @Ripple Effect Yoga, 12 Windermere Way, Boothville, Northampton, NN3 6PA

Link for Boothville

On arrival walk past the house as if going into the cul-de-sac and then walk along the edge of the perimeter fence there is a gate 2/3 of the way along which is the entrance to the Space. Come up the steps and into the Space.  On arrival please remove your shoes and place in the storage area.


We have had to place these restrictions due to our neighbours complaining so please try to support us so that they do not keep complaining to the Council … parking is available from the Windermere Way sign outside our property to the curb edge – see attached photo
There is one parking space on the drive – please use this … maximum of 3 spaces available … first come first served … please do not block the Ford S Max in on the drive as this needs access to and from the property at all times.
If you are being dropped and picked up please ensure that they do not sit with their car running.  Please also park in one of the designated spaces.
If you order a taxi please arrange for it to pick you up from outside the house.
Anyone who can offer another class member a lift and car-share would be helpful.
Coming by bus or walking please let us know so that you can gain access to The Space rather than standing around outside.

For Well Woman Happy Baby classes it may be worth carrying your baby in a sling as space is limited.  There is no space for pushchairs unless you have a rain cover and then they can be left on the deck outside of the space.
Car seats – please try to leave them in the car.

Pregnancy Yoga/Well Woman Yoga & Well Woman Happy Baby

Please find all the information I hope you are going to need. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 07966 288236 

What to bring:

Pregnancy Yoga/Well Woman
Warm socks, bottle of water, a snack and a warm jumper for the relaxation.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING A MAT OR ANYTHING ELSE

For Well Woman Happy Baby Yoga – If we are doing baby massage please bring the following with you … a portable changing mat and fluffy towel plus a change of clothing for your little one and any other bits you may need. If you use a special cream for your little one due to sensitive skin please bring with you for the baby massage part. An organic oil or coconut oil will be supplied.

Pregnancy yoga – Please bring a bottle of water and a snack if you require it.
Well Woman Happy Baby classes.  There are refreshments including tea (traditional, herbal & fruit), coffee (caffeinated), water and cake/biscuits.  If you are dairy free or gluten free please let us know or please bring along a snack if you have allergies.



TERMS & CONDITIONS – these are copied from the wufoo booking form
Ripple Effect Yoga pride themselves on offering/promoting excellent courses, professional development and your satisfaction is our prime concern.

Pregnancy Yoga / Well Woman Happy Baby / Well Woman classes.

Once you have made your booking, the place/places are held for you and are non-refundable or transferable. Please do not request a transfer if you are unwell or unexpectedly unable to attend. There are no refunds or transfers for missed classes – sorry!
The only exception is if your baby is born early, in which case you need to let your teacher know as soon as possible. YOU or your partner should contact the teacher please do not ask a class member to relay this information.

All classes
All classes are booked as 6 or 10 continuous weeks and any dates that you book and miss cannot be refunded or credited.

Retreats / Continuous Professional Development

All payments are strictly non-refundable but can be transferred to an alternative course. If you have to drop out for any reason after you have made full payment, we will endeavor to either place you on the next available course or try and re-sell your place for you. If we are successful, we will refund you 80% of any monies paid. If we are unable to find a replacement, we will endeavor to find an alternative course or refund you 80% of your course fee.

IMPORTANT – Places cannot be confirmed until the full payment has been received and due to small classes it is on a first come first served basis with regards to full payments to be fair on everyone. Any classes / courses / treatments booked must be paid for within 48 hours otherwise they will be re-released.

In the unlikely event the course date you have chosen is cancelled by the tutor you will be offered alternative dates, if you cannot attend this date you will be refunded the full course fee if this has also been paid. (only if cancelled by the course tutor). By booking with us you are in full agreement to these bookings conditions.

All classes, retreats & courses.

You will receive an email confirmation within 3 days. If you need to contact Ripple Effect Yoga by phone please dial: 07966 288236. Please note that if Ripple Effect Yoga are not available an answer phone will take the call. Please leave your name, number and the course you are enquiring about. This call will be returned with 24hrs.

Please note that any courses / classes are booked as 6 or 10 continuous weeks or booked as a drop in (one off) or as 6 or 10 week drop in package (not continuous but pre-booked dates at start of booking). If any dates are missed (6 or 10 continuous weeks or a pre-arranged date in your 6 or 10 week drop in package) during this time they are non-refundable. If the teacher is unavailable alternative arrangements will be made. 24 hours notice where possible would be appreciated if you are not attending class.

Holistic Services

Pregnancy, postnatal massage & therapeutic massage, rebozo massage with closing of the bones – bookings are paid for via BACS. Any bookings need more than 24 hours notice of cancellation or amendment (subject to availability). If cancelling your appointment with less than 24 hours notice unfortunately the fee will not be refunded. If cancelling with more than 24 hours notice or amending the fee is transferrable or can be credited towards another holistic services booking.

If you would like to pay by BACS an invoice using Brightbook will be sent to your email address. Please check your junk folder.
If paying by Paypal please note that there is an additional charge to cover the Paypal fees.

If you had booked a block of classes and had your baby arrived before the classes finished any unused fees can be credited towards Well Woman Happy Baby classes or Well Woman yoga classes (Subject to availability). e.g. 1 class at a value of £10.00 can be added to a block of Well Woman Happy Baby classes etc.  So you book a block of 6 classes at the price quoted and then whatever credit is left e.g. £10.00 is equivalent to 1 class … so you get 7 classes.
Any credits must be used within 3 months of your babies birth date.


The decision to perform any form of exercise remains the individuals and the teacher cannot accept any responsibility for problems during or outside the class. If you are in doubt as to your or your baby’s fitness, consult a GP beforehand.
I understand that I participate in all yoga classes at my own risk and that any loss, damage, injury or other mishap will not be the responsibility of the teachers. I confirm that I am 14 weeks or more pregnant before the start of the classes.
With regards to website content & Ripple Effect Yoga branded literature the client agrees to not disclose this to any third party during or after their classes/support from Ripple Effect Yoga. Passwords are also covered by the NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement).

I understand that I have agreed to participate in online Ripple Effect Yoga classes which is adapted yoga for pregnancy, postnatal, baby massage & yoga & Well Woman Yoga. I agree that I will only participate if fit and well and will notify the teacher at the start of the class (or via email/private message before the class starts) if there is any new information or changes concerning my fitness to participate. I agree that I will follow all instructions given by the teacher, including abstaining if I am told an exercise is not suitable for me. I also agree not to record the lesson in any form. Agreement to this Online Teaching Notification will act as my continued agreement to all ensuing on-line sessions, via Zoom or any other video conferencing tool.

The terms and conditions of Ripple Effect Yoga as outlined apply to the online offerings.

When you consent “yes” and initial you are in agreement with what is shared on the following link: in line with GDPR guidelines (May 2018).


Booking additional classes
After your initial block you are welcome to book into another block or book in x number of classes … payments must be received within 48 hours to hold your space.  If no payment is received the space will be released to others on the waiting list.  Please see T&C’s on page 2 of the Booking Form.

Class Credits
For those of you who have credits that have been transferred to a Well Woman Happy Baby course you should receive an individualised email advising you how many credits and the balance to be paid.  Credits should be used with 3 months of your babies birth date.  These can be used as a credit towards a 10 week Well Woman Happy Baby class or a 10 week Well Woman class or the value of this can be put towards a postnatal massage or Closing of the Bones (Cerrada).

Gift Certificates:
You are welcome to purchase them in increments of £5.00 & upwards and they can be used towards the following:

  • Yoga for fertility, conception & pregnancy
  • Empowering Birth Day
  • Pregnancy, Postnatal & Therapeutic Massage
  • Well Woman Happy Baby 
  • Well Woman Yoga
  • Doula support – Birth and/or Postnatal.

There are packages available if you would prefer to book a block of classes please see the booking page


All payments are invoiced using Brightbook – this sometimes lands in the junk mail.  Please note that payment must be received within 48 hours in order to secure your space.