Caesarean Options

An Elective Caesarean happens before the mother has gone into labour so neither mum nor baby receive any physiological pre-labour Oxytocin.

  • It can impact on bonding due to the mother’s brain reward centres not being primed to respond to contact with her newborn.
  • Oxytocin levels are not high enough to help reduce stress in mother and baby which can impact breast feeding.
  • Baby is more likely to have respiratory issues because there have been no contractions to help prepare his lungs, so may require longer examination from the doctors and possible NICU care which of course impacts on skin to skin bonding.
  • There is also an increased risk of a PPH (Post-Partum Hemorrhage).

If you delay your caesarean until nearer to 40 weeks then if you do go into labour this is beneficial for the baby. Squeezes the baby’s lungs stimulating the fluid in the lungs.

Caesareans carried out after the physiological onset of labour may have fewer negative impacts on Oxytocin production, although there are obviously certain elements which would still be affected.

Gentle Caesarean

Exploring all of your options and understanding what is involved in a  gentle caesarean helps you to decide whether this is the option for you.  The above video is one of our Ripple clients who negotiated the first gentle caesarean at Northampton General Hospital under the Consultant care of Dr Sara Dexter.
Here the client talks to me about the path to her choosing to request a gentle caesarean.

The birth

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