Breech Birth

This is another variation of normal.

If you are expecting a baby which is in the breech position I would encourage you to do lots of research.

The Breech Birth Network is a good starting point.

What does Breech Birth look like:

The Birth of Leliana

This video is of a twin birth the second baby is breech born en caul

Another fabulous resource is Dr Staurt Fischbein Link to his website
Specific link to Breech page
More information on Breech, positions and options. Link

Further Resources:

Raiders of the Lost Art by Dr. Fischbein

Berlin Wellness Group & Dr. Elliot Berlin

Spinning Babies

 Breech Babies: Complication or Variation

Breech babies – How can I support my baby?

Breech Baby

This is a beautiful video by Naoli Vinaver
There are lots of ideas to help support a breech baby

This might be helpful

Breech Tilt

At the end of this roll to the left hand side and then wait for a few breaths
Then onto all 4’s and bring in lots of lovely rocks, U’s, O’s & 8’s don’t do any lunges as this opens the pelvis deeply but do a modified knee forward (SPD or PGP) release for nutation of the tailbone.

From here check in and see if there have been any changes.

Forward Leaning Inversion as shown in class or on the following video.


Come up to stand and once again check in … where is bump?  How does it feel?  Lighter?

After this come onto All 4’s and do a rebozo sift with gentle hip squeeze (Partners knees to open the top of the pelvis)


As you come to stand once again check in … how does it feel???