Birth Pool

ONE POOL AVAILABLE TO RIPPLE CLIENTS – I don’t offer external hire anymore

Birth Pool Hire in Northamptonshire.

At Ripple Effect we have one Mini Eco Pro that is available to Doula clients. a)  Birth Pool in a Box Mini (Eco Professional)
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This one:
Birth Pool in a Box Mini Birth Pool in a Box Regular
Your priorities are: You have limited space You have limited hot water capacity You want to feel envelopped Your priorities are: You want your partner to join you You want a feeling of space
Feature The Mini The Regular
External dimensions 65″ x 57″ – 165 x 145cm 76″ 65″ – 193 x 165cm
Internal dimensions 45″ x 37″ – 114 x 94cm 56″ x 45″ – 142 x 114cm
Internal Height 26″ – 66cm 27″ – 69cm
Depth of Water Min 18″ – 45cm Max 22″ – 55cm Min 18″ – 45cm Max 23″ – 58cm
Rim Width 10″ – 25cm 10″ – 25cm
Inflated Floor 2″ – 5cm 2″ – 5cm
Built-in Seat Yes Yes
Integrated Cup Holder Yes Yes
Disposable Liner not included liners available separately Not included liners available separately
MyAnchor Compatible Yes Yes
Pool Material 0.38mm Eco PVC Cadmium, Lead and Latex free
Liner Material 0.20mm Eco PVC Cadmium, Lead and Latex free
Recommended Max Height of Mother 6′ or 182cm no limit
Room for Partner No Yes
Volume of Water (80% Full) 480 litres 650 litres
Weight when Filled 487kg (1,017 lbs) plus mother 659kg (1,450 lbs) plus mother
Ripple Effect Yoga work in association with “Birth pool in a box” to supply this quality product. Ripple Effect Yoga holds no responsibility for the mis-use of the birthing pool leading to accident or injury. Used at your own risk.
Hire Ripple has the following birth pool for Doula clients to hire: 1 x Mini Pro Birth Pool in the Box with complete filling & emptying kit (liner is extra) £85.00 for 4 weeks from 38 weeks to 42 weeks. (invoiced for payment by BACS) The pool can be delivered and collected (additional charge) please see booking form. The waterbirth kit comprises everything you will need to inflate, use, fill, and empty your birth pool easily, safely and effortlessly. The quality kit comes with: An electric pump that will inflate your pool in 5 mins!           A 10m non toxic hose made to deliver fresh water only; free of nasty chemicals. This hose has a standard hose connector to attach the tap connector to. If you need to extend the hose there will be a connector in the accessories box you will just need to purchase some additional hose. A tap connector (round or square) to fit your hose to your mixer tap. A tap connector with jubilee clip that can be pushed onto your tap & tightened. A water pump, perfect to empty your birth pool easily and silently. A 10m hose to connect to the water pump to empty the pool. If you need to extend the hose there will be a connector in the accessories box you will just need to purchase some additional hose. A tarpaulin for the floor Additional extras: You will need to supply a thermometer and sieve. These can be purchased cheaply from local supermarkets.  They are not supplied due to reasons of hygiene. You will also need a liner this can be ordered directly from The Good WaterBirth company using a discount code supplied by Ripple Effect Yoga. Remember to order the liner for the Birth Pool in a Box Mini … make sure you confirm this with us and with The Good Birth Company. A discount code will be sent to you on receipt of booking.

Payment: If you are a client of Ripple Effect (as in a doula client or attend classes/courses) an invoice will be sent to you for payment via BACS


Pool – Instructions


It takes 5 minutes using the electric pump to assemble the Pool. Use the bigger nozzle that you have on your pump and plug it into the big black valve on the side of your pool. Inflate until it has a distinct shape then stop and attach liner then continue to inflate until all the wrinkles are gone but make sure you don’t over inflate as it will damage the pool. You will have plenty of time to add more pressure later if needed. There is no particular order to inflate the walls or the floor first. Insert the pool liner. How deep the water should be for a maximum use of the buoyancy effect? Regardless how deep a birthing pool is, the water depth should be enough to support you so you can feel the comfort of its buoyancy but it must never be too deep that you feel insecure. As a general guidance the water should be covering your belly just below breast level. Above you are almost guaranteed to loose your stability when relaxing on your back, making necessary for you to hold strongly on the side of the pool (not very secure and not what you may need during labour). Also too much water depth will reduce greatly your choice of labour positions. The recommended water level should be between 18” to 20”. The hose supplied has been processed in a completely different manner and does not contain or release toxins into the water. They are food grade and therefore safe to use for the birth of your baby. Just connect to your tap connector with the hose end adapter. It should take around 20/30 minutes to fill the pool according to your water flow. Water temperature The inflatable birthing pool provides a better insulation than rigid birthing pool and keeps the water warm longer. The birth environment should always be at least 25-28°C (77-82°F) to ensure the thermal protection of the newborn. In a room at 25°C, the temperature of the water will drop by less than a 1°C per hour. The use of a heat retention cover is not necessary. The water temperature is controlled by adding or removing hot/cold water. Kettles of hot water provide a quick way to increase the temperature in the pool should it start to cool off. Use a thermometer to check that the temperature is correct


First remove all debris using a tea strainer or net. Empty the pool either by: 1. Using a bucket; this is the physical option, it takes around 45 to 60 minutes to empty the pool. 2. Create a siphon using your hose pipe; you stick one end of the hose into the pool and the other end into the drain of your choice and out goes the water. For this to work the hose needs to be filled with water and it helps if the drain is lower than the pool. Sounds complicated but it is really easy. 3. Alternatively you can use a submersible water pump to empty your pool faster and effortlessly. (Included in Kit) Dispose of the liner and any waste. Then clean the pool with Miltons solution and allow to dry fully. The upright walls and its compactness make the cleaning and drying very easy, avoiding bacteria to fester in an inaccessible damp space. Make sure the pool is completely dry before you store it back in its bag. Open the valves on the bottom and sides of the pool. Slowly and carefully press and fold until all the air is out – close the valves. Fold the pool and replace in the carrying bag.