COVID-19 & Infection Control at Ripple Effect Yoga

As part of re-opening to Ripple Effect clients the following has been put in place to ensure that you and I stay safe.

Appointments are now available.
Please contact me to discuss and then I can add the appointment to the diary.

On arrival

On arrival – please be reassured that all door & gate handles will have been wiped before, between & after clients have left the premises.
On arrival – please use the hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser provided.
If you are booked in for a massage Claire will be wearing a clear visor as required.
After your treatment/during or after a class if you use the bathroom please once again wash your hands and sanitise.

Massage Appointments

Any linens used during your treatment will be stripped and washed at the appropriate settings. Please note that I will be taking a maximum of 2 massage bookings per day. One AM & one PM appointment to allow for suitable space in order to clean and sterilise.

Only you may attend your massage appointment please do not bring a companion.
A sealed, wipeable box will be provided for your clothes to be stored whilst undergoing your treatment.

Please also bring snack and water in your own container


Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are available online.

There will be face to face classes please check how many weeks you are.

If you are coming along to a YOGA class you will receive a staggered arrival time.
There will be a maximum of 2 clients per class.
Please also bring snack and water in your own container

Please bring your own MAT, CUSHIONS and BLANKET.

Birthing balls will be provided and will have been wiped before use.

If you are 28 weeks + pregnant please let me know when booking so that I can discuss the online class option.

Mother & Baby classes

There are online Mother & Baby classes available.

If you are coming to a Mother & Baby class you will have a staggered arrival time and there will be a maximum of 2 families suitably distanced.

Please bring your own mat, blankets etc
Please also bring snack and water in your own container


All clients must complete the following form and email it through 24 hours prior to your appointment.

If you have had COVID-19 please wait at least 3 months to book an appointment.

If you think you may have COVID-19 please DO NOT ATTEND YOUR APPOINTMENT

Email this form to:

Ripple Effect Yoga Risk Assessment

– this is reviewed on an ongoing timeframe and updated as Government guidelines, HSE Guidelines and any other bodies that Ripple Effect refer to.