Your pregnancy before 13/14 weeks

During the early stages of your pregnancy you can bounce between feeling anxious to excited. With many colours of the rainbow in-between … is this normal … is everything ok?  
Your body undergoes many changes. Hormonal changes affect almost every organ system in your body. These changes can trigger symptoms even in the very first weeks of pregnancy.

You may find yourself eating more frequently, having smaller servings, going to bed early.
Some ladies may not feel any discomfort at all.  Everyone is different, as is every pregnancy.

Your booking appointment may be towards the back end of your first trimester.  There are important topics that can be discussed earlier in pregnancy rather than later.

Connecting with Ripple Effect is a great starting point perhaps coming along on a one to one basis before you are 13 weeks.

How your baby is developing … can make your pregnancy more real and exciting.  This is also a time to ask questions that might seem like something you wouldn’t want to ask your doctor or midwife (but totally could) … I’ll leave that one for you to work out ….

How to stay safe during your pregnancy including prenatal supplements, who to contact, what happens if …
This is a great opportunity to learn about what you may specifically need in terms of nutrition and undertaking exercise.  Exercise that is appropriate for the early stages.  Gently connecting and establishing a pattern that can easily be incorporated into your day to day.

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