Ripple Downloads

Ripple Effect Downloads

Here you will find lots of resources that you will be able to download and keep for you to refer to during your pregnancy, labour & postnatal period.  Please do not share with anyone outside of the Ripple community.

Leaflets for Pregnancy & Labour

Leaflets – Newborn & Postpartum


Yoga flow I

Yoga flow II

Using a Birth Ball

Using a Chair


Sample Birth Wishes


Sample Birth Wishes


Sample Birth Wishes – Visual
Visual Birth Icons –
Visual Birth Centre / VBAC
Visual Caesarean Link

Acupressure points

accupressure points scenarios updated reduced

Using a Tens Machine – great PDF Mamatens 
A guide to drug free pain relief TENS machine

Essential Oils

Check for relevancy to pregnancy to ensure that nothing is contraindicated.

Heartburn / Acid Reflux

Road Map of Labour