Resources for the pelvis


Female Pelvic Anatomy:

Basic Information –

Diane Lee PDF: Understanding Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain – with basic anatomy

Interactive Anatomy: The 3D Vulva

***New Addition (2/17/13) 360 Degree View of the Pelvis – Muscles, Nerves, Arteries and more!

A funny, but thorough description: Women’s Health Magazine – Female Reproductive System Explanation

Anatomy of the Female Pelvis for Dummies

** Great info to know!    Muscles of the Pelvic and Perineum, Origin, Insertion, Action, and Nerve

Ten Myths about the Hymen

Video Link amazing – must watch

Beyond Basics:

** Check this out!! PDF Download with Dissection pics too : The Neuroanatomy of Female Pelvic Pain – Springer

Diane Lee PDF: Neuromuscular Anatomy

Abstract:  Neuroanatomy of the female abdominopelvic region. Pelvic pain syndromes.

Standardization of Terminology of the Pelvic Floor: (c/o Herman and Wallace): 

Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor and Stress Continence System

Female Pelvic Floor Anatomy: The Pelvic Floor, Supporting Structures and Pelvic Organs

PDF: Contemporary views on female pelvic anatomy  (2005)

Abstract/Shortened Version: Facts and Myths about the Pelvic Floor

Functional anatomy of the pelvic floor

Slideshare Presentation: Anatomy of Female Reproductive System

** new addition (1/12/14) An excellent set of videos  and information- AnatomyZone Tutorials: The Female Reproductive System

Male Pelvic Anatomy: 

Basic Information:

WebMD Male Reproductive System

A funny, but thorough male description: Women’s Health Magazine and the Male Reproductive System

Anatomy of the Male Pelvis for Dummies


Beyond the Basics: 

** New addition (1/12/14)  Full Access to the Video Library for the International Academy of Pelvic Surgery. Videos include detailed anatomy and surgical procedures of the pelvis. * You must sign up for free to gain access – it’s worth it!

Abstract: Dynamics of Male Pelvic Floor Contractions with US Imaging

Neuroanatomy of the male pelvis in respect to radical prostatectomy including three-dimensional visualization 

Yoga and Pelvic Anatomy:  ***new addition (1/12/14)

One of the BEST sites ever for combining yoga and anatomy. Great posts on the diaphragm, labral tear prevention, and the piriformis.   The Daily Bandha

Video – Yoga Anatomy Visualisation – Check out the anatomy pants – hamstrings, glutes. Well done!

Video link

Video Link 2

Video Link 3  Male pelvis – dissection!

Video Link 4

Video Link 5 – fab resource …

Video link 6

Video Link 7

Video Link 8

Video Link 9

Video – SI joint

Video 11

Video 12 interesting comparison between male & female pelvis

Video 13






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