Red Tent

Would love to have a space for this …

She had never been inside a Red Tent Temple and did not know what to expect when she arrived to the round yurt building. On entry she was met by a woman who welcomed her and helped her let go of her long drive, her worries, so she could enter unfettered. She could not believe how beautiful and healing this moment was to enter a woman’s sacred space symbolic to the womb. Women were resting or writing in their journals quietly. One older woman was massaging anothers feet, another telling a story in the chair. It seemed so natural as if this had always been true and yet never in her lifetime had she seen this before though she heard tale of the grassroots movement of women supporting each other in the Red Tent Temples. A well of grief rose from her heart and though she barely knew anyone she began to sob aloud. Immediately women knew what to do and they embraced her and let her cry it out. Together we are dreaming a new world where womanhood is honored.

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