Pregnancy Massage information

While any healthy, pregnant woman is able to receive massage, there are some precautions the massage practitioner must observe to ensure that their client is safe during and after the massage. Since the woman’s body is in a state of such physical and hormonal change, massage is limited to the second and third trimesters.

As with any massage, the massage practitioner should be alerted to any prescient health issues. This is especially important during pregnancy. Circumstances in which pregnancy massage should not be performed include high blood pressure, diabetes, fever, unusual abdominal pain or vomiting, or any malignant condition. Varicose veins and swelling are other conditions the therapist should be made aware of prior to the massage, though the service can still be safely performed in spite of these.

The practitioners duty of care to their clients and their baby is to ensure they are not put at risk. While any healthy, pregnant woman is able to receive massage as stated above it is important that the baby is safe throughout and so precautions must be observed to ensure that their client and their baby is safe during and after the massage.  

Claire has been offering pregnancy massage since 2003 when she qualified as a massage practitioner from the London College of Massage and then specialised in pregnancy and postnatal massage.  Over the years she has incorporated many different techniques to support each client and help them find relief … using a variety of techniques including massage, acupressure points, rebozo and positioning as well as visualisations and breath work to support each client. Please note that there is no deep tissue massage as it is contraindicated in Pregnancy.

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