Pregnancy & Labour Tool Box (Membership)

When life is too full on and you don’t have time to come along to a class or a 1:1 then this is the one stop shop for you.  This Tool box gives you the basics that will help to relax you and create vital space for your baby.

Wrapping your bump …

If you have an extra long wrap take it and wrap it around under the front of your bump, cross over, pull to your comfort level and then wrap around the back of the pelvis and knot off on the side … 
This video might be of help too:  wrappedinlove

This may help as well:


Plus the following yoga sequences may help with a back to back baby ….

Come on Baby
This is a great sequence that can be used from 37 weeks onwards to help support a mother and her baby.

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I have back ache, my baby is sitting low … what can I do???

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