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1013889_293332344141958_1601450414_nPowerful Super Moon June 23, 2013 | Cathy Pagano

This Capricorn Full Moon is the second of three SuperMoons, so-called because the Moon is at perigee (it’s closest to Earth) and syzygy (it’s in alignment with the Sun), intensifying its effect on the Earth and on humans. The full Moon’s energy is also amplified by it occurring so close to the Solstice.

…There is hope that the most positive energies will be invoked during this Capricorn/ Cancer full Moon because the planets form a unique pattern in the sky. That aspect is called a kite…

The kite is very dynamic, and often indicates success (those positive energies)… This kite is comprised of our water grand trine—Sun in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces—plus the Capricorn Moon. A water grand trine seeks tranquility and peaceful exchange. It opens us to the subtle energies of the unconscious and to our feelings. We become more psychic because we’re attuned to the emotional flow around us.

The Sun in Cancer seeks a stable emotional body, one that is capable of giving and receiving love. This Sun consciously supports Saturn’s task of cleaning up our Scorpio’s tendency to hang onto negative feelings and brood about them. Choice becomes possible if we trust our real feelings. Then we add Neptune in Pisces to the mix, which opens us to spiritual potentials and visions that can heal our beliefs about ourselves and each other.

This grand trine can help us align our feelings with our soul’s mission and open us to a new story that will help us confront the financial, political and environmental issues facing us. The Capricorn Moon then will pick up on our needs and our visions and find ways to get us the support and nurturing we need for our projects.

Anyone with planets in the early degrees of water signs and Capricorn will be especially attuned to this full Moon…

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