Postpartum “Knock & Drop” service

Those early days at home are very precious welcoming your baby and getting to know them.
Claire offers a postpartum service for her clients (local to Northampton) where she will pop to the shop and purchase any items that you may need or if you are looking for particular postpartum products she will order, make and then deliver them to your door with her “Knock & Drop” service.

Pop you shopping list together then text Claire with the list and she will go do the shop then arrange to “Knock & Drop”.  Additional charge : £3.00

You can order any of the following postpartum products


Sweetwater Tea
Breastfeeding Mothers – would you like to support your milk supply.
  fenugreek & fennel

£5.00 for loose tea

£5.00 for approx 25 Tea Bags

Pregnancy / Postpartum Self Care

“Sitz & Spritz”

Pregnancy or Postpartum Sitz Bath

The pregnancy / postpartum sitz bath is a beautiful blend of organic herbs and and it feels absolutely heavenly! This blend helps support the pregnant mama who has hemorrhoids or to pamper and sooth the perineal area after giving birth.  The blend helps recovery, eases any soreness and reduces the likelihood of infection.

To use, simply steep 25g of the blend in 1 litre of hot water.
Allow it to steep, then add to cooler water in a shallow basin or bath.
Then submerge your bottom into the warm water, breathe deeply and relax.

Blend consists of Witchazel, Calendular and Lavender.  This can be purchased in bags of a 100g
4 baths package (100g ≅ 4oz) for £15.00 + £2.00 p&p

if there are stitches please advise when ordering and a spritzer will be added that can be used on your pads.

Spritz spray

100ml – £5.50
70% witchazel
30% medicinal water
trace coconut oil (preservative)

Spray onto pads – pop in sealed food bag – place in fridge – cooling for the perineum and any swelling or trauma.

Sitz :

Spritz :

Sitz & Spritz :

Yummy Treats

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