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What are the benefits of massage in the postnatal period?

Postnatal massage is a wonderful way for new mothers to relax, rejuvenate, and release some of the stresses that their bodies have been under for nine months or they may be experiencing from feeding positions or from holding their babies. While the massage obviously feels fantastic, there are many other benefits.

The benefits of postnatal massage are in many ways similar to that of standard Swedish massage. These benefits include but are not limited to:
• Encouraging muscle relaxation and tension relief
• Reducing heart rate and blood pressure
• Increasing blood circulation and lymphatic flow, therefore encouraging the body to release stagnant wastes held in the tissue
• Promoting deeper breathing, and an overall sense of well being
• Fostering faster repair and healing of stretched or strained muscular tissue
• Strengthening the immune system by encouraging the body to maintain or return to homeostasis (optimal balance in which the body best fights injury or illness)
• Satisfying the need for a nurturing touch

Other benefits from women who have experienced massage may include:
• Decreased instances of postpartum depression and anxiety (due to fewer stress hormones in the blood)

As with any massage, the massage practitioner should be alerted to any prescient health issues. This is especially important in the postpartum period. Varicose veins and swelling are other conditions the therapist should be made aware of prior to the massage, though the service can still be safely performed in spite of these.

What are the benefits of massage in the postnatal period?

Postnatal massage is very important too. The body has just been through a life changing experience. Every muscle in the body will have been affected. Massage helps to encourage muscles relax and return to their pre birth position. Strain is also put on the neck when breastfeeding and massage really helps!

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