Positive Birth After Caesarean

Positive Birth After Caesarean – Not sure whether you would like a Vaginal or Caesarean Birth … not sure of your options … why not join our unique workshop which offers practical skills to help and support you whatever you choose.

Positions to support each stage of labour using Yoga-based modified positions and other skills which will equip you with knowledge to make informed choices or to go away and have the space to understand what your options are for you and your partner to make an informed choice.

Your toolbox of techniques will support you and your birth partner giving you the confidence in yourself, your baby and the journey you are embarking on … interested?

Connect with #theripplemama at www.rippleeffectyoga.co.uk

Experienced practitioner of 17 years, doula, successful VBAC birth of own baby. Supported over 1000 families … want to be informed and have an amazing toolbox then let’s chat … Cx


Maximum of 3 couples per workshop
Workshop is approximately 4 hours
Cost:  £100 per couple
Refreshments included
Online resources accessed through a password protected area
Postpartum support for 12 weeks
Welcome to book me as your doula if you would like me to hold the space around you both.