Poo … haemorrhoids & sitz baths … you may never think the same again

A new baby in the house doesn’t always give the new mama the opportunity to dedicate some time to help her to heal and rest.  So many different but important elements that you have to remember with 101 other things that are all “important” … remember to drink plenty of fluids, eat a balanced, nutritious diet and sleep when the baby sleeps … yes I know everyone says this to you  … but it’s true sleep … you need to heal & rest … that pile of dirty dishes or laundry or the dust you spot can wait!   

Why not ask for postnatal gifts and may be your visitors would sign up for doing the dishwasher, putting the washing on, running the hoover around, give the duster a quick run around … these kind visiting souls may just do it for you understanding that you aren’t there to entertain them when they visit.  Actually it’s lovely that they want to meet your baby but it would be lovely if they could just do a little to help around the house.  We are far to “British” and make out that we are coping … when in fact we could do with a helping hand, someone to offer to make a cup of tea … it may be 4 o’clock in the afternoon and you just don’t know where the time has gone plus you are still in your PJ’s … and that may be the first cuppa of the day …

Anyway back to the nurturing of the postnatal body … I’ve had the honour to take part in some Sacred Postpartum pampering and learn all about the herbs that can be used to help heal our bodies.  After giving birth to our second baby I developed haemorrhoids and then having a gastric band in 2010 had a further impact in that I couldn’t always manage my liquid intake I also reduced significantly certain foods in my diet because I just couldn’t process them and so found that my stools were more compacted.  I am reminded every so often that I would much rather give birth to a baby than have compacted faeces.

Going to the toilet post-birth can be quite a shock for the new mother and even those that may have not experienced this the first time round … it can be shocking … your told take lactulose to soften your faeces … it will make it easier … still it can be scary when you aren’t on top of the 101 things plus the essentials of hydrating, nutrition & sleep!  This impacts the body.  I don’t think I need to go into the nitty gritty as I am sure you have at some time been there, done that and got the T-shirt, carrier bag and all the other junk that comes along.  Just to say that there is something that can really help the mother post-birth or the woman who has haemorrhoids or a prostrate condition … Sitz baths.

“A what?” I hear you ask?    A sitz bath … what is this?  You sit yourself in a steeped concoction of herbs.  The herbal blend is made up of a base herb, a supporting herb and an aromatic herb.  The healing herbs contained in the blend promotes the healing of hemorrhoids and the perineal area after birth … wow what a fabulous treat … sit yourself in a bath and immerse your entire bottom in a shallow filled bath, or if you can get down sit in a trug bucket – yes like the ones you do the weeding in … obviously a new one will be required … or sit with a bowl over the toilet seat and gently wash your perineum by pouring it over.  MY preferred method is the bath or the bucket as you are able to sit there relaxed for 15-20 minutes and let the blend take effect … I had heard great things and until today I hadn’t actually tried one myself … however after todays “birthing” … I was so in need of some tender loving care and so delved into the magic of the herbs I had purchased for the Sacred Postpartum.

Ohh boy … the relief … it was amazing … the area had felt very tender (I know TMI but then if you have been to class you know I took about vaginas like they are going out of fashion!)  so tune out … but for those of you who are interested and want to find a solution … I have one … and yes I will happily share & make it up for you so that you can get the instant relief … just to say I was out cycling after the “birth” and I feel so much better.

I mentioned above that the herbal blend is made up of a base herb, a supporting herb and an aromatic herb.  The one I made had witch hazel leaf, calendular and lavender.  I steeped it in hot water in a jar for 15-20 minutes then strained the liquid into the bucket with some tepid water.  I found a nice fluffily soft towel for later on and gently lowered away … 20 minutes later … I was in a state of bliss.  Will I continue my TLC … most definitely …

If you are interested in obtaining this wonderful blend please let me know … it’s not just beneficial for the postpartum mum, it’s for anyone that has haemorrhoids, or even suffers with prostrate conditions … this study showed that Warm water sitz bath treatment reduced postoperative complications such as urethral stricture. These results suggest that large-scale prospective studies are needed to establish an ideal method and optimal duration of sitz baths.”   link

If you have read this and can empathise … lets share a virtual hug … if you know someone who is suffering … don’t let them continue silently … do you know someone who has given birth vaginally … why not treat them to this wonderful blend and ease them into motherhood with a little TLC.

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