Mother Blessing


A Mother Blessing, have you heard of a blessingway? This is an old Navajo (native American) ceremony, which celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. A Mother Blessing is a beautiful pre-birth tradition where friends and family of the mama-to-be gather together to share this special time. The power of the circle and bringing together the women that the mama-to-be respects, looks up to or values such as her mother, sisters, aunts, daughters, best friends. Imagine the most powerful circle of support that helps you to prepare for your journey from maiden into motherhood through the emotional, spiritual, mental & physical … to be held and supported by those that love and cherish you … this can be a wonderful way to release any fears and embrace the next stage of your journey towards an empowering & uplifting experience.

Bringing small gifts, a plate of food to share and heart-felt wishes for the mum-to-be we include aspects which are meaningful to us personally, socially & spiritually. This may be through song, sharing a creative activity, intention setting, the giving of meaningful gifts, pampering the mama-to-be, an honoring ceremony and also nourishing the senses with food, smells, textures and beauty. It is a space where the mum-to-be can share her hopes, fears and dreams and feel supported. A Mother Blessing honours everyone irrespective of your religion … what you choose to incorporate is up to you.

Activities that could be included as part of the celebration may include:

Bringing a bead and a special message for the mama-to-be … surrounding herself in positivity and love from her circle of support. The beads could be made into a necklace that could be worn during labour so that she is surrounded and reminded of their presence during the birth journey or she could add them to her sacred space.

Decorating bunting with positive messages for both the mama-to-be and the baby.

Binding everyone’s wrists with a single cord of red yarn/cord … when the mama goes into labour the cords are then cut as a symbol of unity. Or making a wish bracelet … that can be two-fold … a positive birth wish for the mama and a wish for you … you wear this until the cord breaks … it may be embellished with the birthstone(s) of the baby and a small charm.

Nurturing … it’s always bliss for a pregnant mama. Cleansing her feet and gently massaging her feet, legs, neck & shoulders. Help the mother feel nurtured, protected, surrounded by love, and supported. Perhaps the mama-to-be has a creative friend who could henna or paint her bump … adorn her with a flower crown and honour her journey.

Traditionally, a ceremonial blessing is done in the form of a prayer or poem. It’s a lovely idea for the guests to bring a poem or prayer they have found or personally written, to share with the mother-to-be. Someone could be in charge of collecting the blessings and collating them in a book/journal/scrapbook or other special place.

Belly dancing! Releasing, moving, celebrating womanhood. It is a beautifully feminine art and perfect for your Mother Blessing.

Going to the bowl … each woman brings an ingredient for the bowl … such as calendular, lavender, an essential oil that they would like to add, grated chocolate, flowers, semi-precious stone chips, small beads, ohh the options are endless. These are then mixed and each woman adds a wish to the Sacred bath salts we create … this is unique to your Mother Blessing … each woman will have the opportunity to receive salts from the bowl and may want to bring a glass container that they can decorate … one of the creative activities.

How will the time we share together be structured?

Arrival … creating a ritual space that looks and feels special. Creating a circle of support for the mother to be … cleansing your minds …

Create a throne for the pregnant mama. This is her special day and your time to honor her and the journey she is on. Make it grand, decadent and very comfortable!

Organiser … or perhaps a close friend explains why we are joining together, sharing our intentions … going around the circle & introducing ourselves … connecting with one another and the mama-to-be

We then focus our intentions through a creative activity whilst honoring, and adorning the mama-to-be with positive, empowering energies … sharing stories to encourage her, and give her gifts that will help guide her on her journey.   This could be a bead or an object to add to her sacred space … we will let the mama-to-be guide us. Massaging and adorning her and her precious bump.

Coming to the Bowl … as we add our gift we offer her our personal blessings and our Sisters tie a red cord to signify the joining together.

To affirm and send our good intentions we maintain our connection with each other through a heart to heart meditation ….

Joining together would not be complete if there wasn’t any food involved. So let’s feast … eating together to ground our energy, shifting from the sacred to the social space.

“When we create a Mother Blessing  for each other, we women reach outside of ourselves and weave a web of community: a living breathing web of women who are blessing, teaching, and supporting one another-and as a result, we help to give birth to each other’s children.”

When setting up your space, ensure that there is access to a toilet, good circulation of air; beauty is one of the most important elements in creating a sacred space for a Mother Blessing. A beautiful environment soothes the senses, relaxes the mind and nourishes the soul.  So, ensure the space is clutter free and clean, include flowers, candles, gentle music, draped fabrics to soften the edges of furniture, soft textures and soft things to touch and lie on and essential oils that are suitable for pregnancy.

As you can see and imagine, it is an incredibly moving experience and it really does help prepare the Mother spirituality and mentally for what is to come.  Our culture is so devoid of meaningful ritual so to create this sacred space to honor and support each other through these most meaningful Rites of Passage. As women, we need each other, more than we know….

If you’d like a Mother Blessing, or for someone to plan one for you, then there is plenty of information online. Perhaps a friend would like to organise it for you or maybe a local Doula … A Mother Blessing can be a completely healing and loving time for a mother-to-be, at a time when we need to nurture our mothers more than ever. Enjoy… and spread the word!

Claire offers this service … you may already have access to a venue … if not then please connect with her to discuss options …

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Something else to mention that isn’t so much a Mother Blessing tradition but is a lovely thing amongst friends and family to offer is a meal rota …. If you are local and could commit to a meal or two, it can be such a wonderful gesture. The idea is to try to cover at least two weeks, where the new parents won’t have to worry about at least one meal of the day! I am sure you could ask the family if they have a food wish list.