Therapeutic Massage

What is massage?

  • The manipulation of soft tissue
  • Used as an effective treatment.
  • Intuitive holistic massage has a pronounced effect on all the systems of the body, as well as relaxing you mentally & reducing emotional turmoil.

Why Do People Develop Problems:

Stress, from work, relationships & life events. Poor posture, an accident or trauma caused by either an inefficient working environment, or habits formed while young; which reveal themselves in the form of aches & pains, or a reduced range of motion or movement (joints), or as muscle spasms, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), or low back pain etc

Why choose massage?

Massage feels good and is a pleasurable experience. It increases your body’s self-awareness and sensitivity. It helps reduce stress, tension & anxiety levels by calming the nervous system & has a centering / balancing effect. Massage can relax, focus & clear your mind.

Additional benefits include:

  • Posture improvement
  • Encourages self-esteem & a general feeling of well-being.
  • Improves your emotional awareness

We use only the best organic oils and Tui Balmes on
our clients and ensure that they have been patch tested prior to the commencement of treatment.


Stress & tension Tennis Elbow Soft tissue injuries Migraines
Reduced movement Tenosynovitis Frozen shoulder Period Pain
Irritable bowel syndrome Joint pain Repetitive strain injuries Neck pain
Sciatica Low back pain Bursitis Torn or strained muscles
Tendonitis Sprained ligament or joints

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Therapuetic Massage is £50.00 by BACS.