Physiology of the pelvis

So let’s look at the practical … here is a fabulous demonstration of the babies pathway through your pelvis using a dutch pelvis to understand why creating space is so important .. as well as starting to think about positions, your environment … but before we get into all that take a peek at the following to understand the journey for the baby and you.

It’s so important to understand the pathway that your baby has to navigate into this world. Being pregnant is very physical. Your body is constantly changing. You may have noticed changes in your breasts and pelvis. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes that are happening creating mayhem where you find yourself crying at the drop of a hat and don’t now why. Your body is growing a baby and doing amazingly. It takes a huge amount of energy and draws on all of the areas touched on above. We’ll discuss the hormones of pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum further on.