Newborn Warning Signs

Doesn’t pass a greenish-black stool within 36 hours after birth

Diarrhoea. Unusually frequent and very watery stools; blood or mucus in stools

Fewer than five wet nappies in 24 hours (after day 4 or 5, when mums milk has come in)

Dehydration: if you pinch the baby’s skin, it stays pinched up; wrinkled, crepe paper-like skin; dry mouth; dark yellow urine; sunken fontanel

Fever higher than 100.4 degrees F, rectally, or above 99.5 degrees F, under the arm

Jaundice: whites of the eyes are turning yellow; skin below the nipple line turning yellow

White patches on the tongue or inside the mouth that don’t wipe off easily.

Umbilical cord  – any redness around cord, foul odour or pus, bright red bleeding.

Vomiting: forcefully or more frequently than usual (more than just spitting up).

Feeding problems: repeatedly refuses feedings for more than 6 to 8 hours excessively or uncharacteristically fussy or irritable; unusually lethargic or sleepy

Problems with breathing: signs such as blue lips, struggling to breathe, flaring nostrils, or deep indentations of the chest when breathing.