Foetal Ejection Reflex

Foetal Ejection Reflex
  • Pressure is applied to the nerves deep in the pelvis.
  • The uterus does the work, the body is doing it by itself, making the contractions increasingly expulsive, and the mother starts to feel the urge to bear down.
  • An increase in Adrenalin provides the energy to birth (push) the baby out, to be alert to greet them and spontaneously fall in love (sometimes this doesn’t happen).
  • Grunting & “pushy” noises.
  • Listen to your body and don’t be de-railed by being given instructions (Directed pushing – “hold breath & push, push, push”, “Push into your bottom like you’re doing a poo”   NO PURPLE PUSHING – cutting oxygen to baby & yourselves.
  • No urge don’t force it – WAIT there is NO RUSH (Simpson, 2006).
  • Directed or coached pushing is more likely to cause tears, distress in both mother and baby and result in an instrumental delivery (Reed, R; 2016.)
  • Eyes may be closed and should not be interrupted.
  • Room needs to be kept dark and quiet, no room for neo-cortex activity here!
  • listen to your body’ and do what feels right.
  • Baby moves down, soft tissues stretch, Oxytocin is released.
  • May need a poo due to the baby’s head in the birth canal, to the back passage.
  • Poo is a positive as closely followed by a baby’s head