Hello everyone

A wonderful trip to Bali … a trip of a lifetime … and the opportunity to give a little back … we met some amazing people whilst we travelled around and a family business where they created a beautiful bespoke labyrinth and along with it some magic …  have you ever used a personal handheld labyrinth?  I have walked a fair few in my time and it is a magical experience … why a handheld?  You can gently trace the pathway with a finger as you meditate. Also we don’t all have room in our back garden to build our own so a miniaturised version can be a great connective tool.

Labyrinths are an ancient spiritual tool, usually intended to be walked upon enhancing one’s concentration during meditation. This miniaturized version brings that enhanced concentration to your fingertips.

These lovely handcrafted finger labyrinths have been carved on suar wood measuring approximately 4.25 inch diameter … 0.25 depth … this wood is also called “Rain Tree” and “Monkey Pod.

These were handmade … if you are interested they retail at £18.75 each and if you are looking for a set to use in class then we can have a chat about bulk orders and discounts etc. You may need to check the law with regards to importing this wood into your own country … if you are interested please message me.
In the spirit of sisterhood … namaste

1 unit – £18.75 includes postage, packing and Paypal fees
2 – 5 units – £18.50 includes postage, packing and Paypal fees
6-10 units – £18.25 includes postage, packing and Paypal fees
11-15 units – £18.00 includes postage, packing and Paypal fees
16 – 20 units – £17.75 includes postage, packing and Paypal fees

To purchase

Send PayPal payment to with your name, number of units e.g.
1 Unit pay for 1 unit = £18.75
2 units – pay for 2 = 2 x £18.50 = £37.00 etc

Any questions please message me first.

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Interested please message me

Hello all, those receiving their labyrinths please let them rest in your space … i.e. unpack them, they will need to breathe … I have before now placed some of the ones I have in class into a bowl of dried lavender (although not all of my ladies like this) so have others that are in a gorgeous bowl … enjoy … I am also being asked why Australia and New Zealand haven’t been listed … from my understanding the import laws are very strict with regards to wood products for these countries … I would suggest that if you are interested that you definitely check that these can be processed through customs before purchasing … many thanks Cx