Hypnobirthing – The Ripple Way (information for Dani)

Welcome to The Ripple Effect – Hypnobirthing & Empowering Birth Course

Please find below the links for the resources you will find useful as we work through this course.

Birth Physiology  – Link

Hypnobirthing – Link

Empowering Birth – Link

Visualisation Downloads – Link

For the Hypnobirthing course

Birth Stories – Claire


The brief asked if I used hypnobirthing.  I was guided through the fear release as part of the Morgan Method by Julie (our doula) on two occasions and when I met Ina May at Oxford I was given the 15 minute relaxation by Maggie Howell which I listened to religiously every day. 

Essay – to be written

Link to Hypnosis downloads: Link

Testimonial Set 1 
Kristyna & Mark
First baby
Doula support & pregnancy yoga


Testimonial Set 2
Jade & Jason
Baby No 10. 
First time considering hypnobirthing
Need to undo a lot of previous experiences and dissect these.