Fertility & Conception

Fertility & Conception

Fertility … a mine field. Would you like to conceive? Would you like support?

Conception Support
We offer a holistic 12-week plan to support optimal fertilty combining yoga, meditation & relaxation.

12 x 1.5 hrs of Yoga – £540.00 can be purchased as a standalone
4 therapeutic massages  – £200.00  (usually £240.00) can be purchased as a standalone

Total Package – £740.00 purchase for £700.00 

Classes will support all women who are exploring how to boost their fertility or trying to conceive, classes can support those couples embarking on an IVF programme.

What will we explore?
Gentle postures to support and nurture your pelvis, to assist you in relaxing and develop your awareness; aligning your body as well as your mind whilst nourishing your womb through the use of your breathe, relaxation and the power of visualization.
Identifying any life stresses and anxieties will ease your body tension, enable you to focus on the physical or emotional aspects and in turn help nurture your ovaries for conception and encourage you to have a positive journey into pregnancy and ultimately parenthood.

Additional services you may wish to source externally include:
Herbal Therapist
Reiki Practitioner
Flower essences practitioner

You may already have practitioners who you have been receiving treatments from. If you haven’t we have a lovely group of practitioners who would be interested in supporting you. Please ask for contact details.

The fee does not cover the services of the above practitioners only what is included in the One to One with Ripple Effect.
The cost of each package can be paid by BACS transfer or by Paypal – fees added.
If you fall pregnant during the time we are together any classes can be held and then do an early conception relaxation class or used towards pregnancy yoga classes from 14 weeks onwards.   

Fertility yoga classes or Early Pregnancy class

Sessions led by a certified Well Woman Yoga teacher/therapist for women who are planning to conceive, those undergoing fertility treatments or IVF and also for women who have just conceived (0-14 weeks of pregnancy).  Yoga is applied to a natural stimulation of ovarian function and to womb ecology, the creation of an optimal womb environment. A variety of body, mind and spirit resources are drawn from yoga to help women cope with the stress associated with uncertainties around this time and to increase the ability to self-nurture in preparation for motherhood.

Whether you are planning to conceive or you have been trying to have a baby for some time and may be undergoing IVF treatments, birthlight fertility yoga has been designed to help you relax and enhance your fertility with specific yoga-based exercises.  The focus is on creating space and ease and on optimising blood flow to muscles and connective tissues in the lower pelvis. This activates the loops that link ovaries and hormonal pathways during the menstrual cycle and also in the early phases of conception and implantation. Fertility yoga classes extend to 14 weeks of pregnancy, when the placenta has become fully functional and the risks of miscarriage are considerably lower.

The first trimester of pregnancy is now known to be crucial for healthy fetal development and also for setting the foundations of parenting.  Birthlight fertility yoga classes offer a safe space to relax and start your pregnancy journey in a nurturing environment.

Blocks of 10 weeks are available … £157.50

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