The Ripple Effect – Welcome

The Ripple Effect 

Welcome to the online area for The Ripple Effect.
This is a blend of antenatal education with hypnobirthing techniques and tools, biomechanics, breath work, visualisation and so much more.  Your SIMPLE tool box to support you and your partner during the amazing journey to birthing your baby/ies.

Here you will find lots of resources that will help you to prepare for the arrival of your baby or babies. This is a step by step approach to preparing for the birth of your baby.

This is a one stop hypnobirthing-antenatal birth preparation course where you can dip in and out of topic areas. There will be links to research, videos, and slides that you can journey through at your own pace.  Reviewing areas by clicking on the links below with the ability to go to the previous or next chapter. If any links don’t work please let me know.

This works along side the Ripple Effect course you may have booked on a 1:1 basis or group basis or if you come along to the pregnancy yoga classes I offer.
It can also be accessed by those not local to me.  Happy to support you through zoom.

At any time you are welcome to book a 1 to 1 appointment with me (face to face or via zoom) for those that are local and those not so close.  If you would like to chat through any of your options


Empowering Birth
Birth in the media
Physiology of the Pelvis
Your babies development
Preparing for your baby
Visualise yourself in labour
Interventions Part I
Interventions Part II
How can I avoid interventions? (Part I)
Induction Part II
When it doesn’t quite go to plan
How can I avoid interventions? (Part II)
Labour & Birth
Warning signs in late pregnancy
Labour & Birth Part II
Position of baby
How will I know when labour starts?
External signs of labour


What will we be focusing on?
Hypnobirthing – What is it?
How does it help women give birth?
Hypnobirthing – a brief history
What actually is hypnosis?
What is intended hypnosis?
Hypnobirthing on the subconscious.